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April 22, 2020

To all, how are you doing these days? I think this is the most common question ask on how our new normal routine life nowadays due to Covid 19, also known as Corona Virus. I hope while reading this, you and your family are safe and healthy. And if you or a family member are among the affected, and if, unfortunately, you have loss someone because of it, my prayers is with you. May you find comfort and strength in this unbearable time.

Life these days is like a roller coaster ride, and i am referring, emotionally. Some days you feel good, and the other feels you are not. The stress, anxiety and tension are always there to hit anytime. Maybe because each  of us are not use to this kind of life. There are uncertainty, plans are not eligible to do anymore and the answers that we are looking for are not yet even there to give assurance that this will be over anytime soon. We are now facing life in the so called "new normal" way and it's terrifying to think how long it may last. While we are helping for prevention for not worsening the case by means of staying home to be safe. And while we are doing our part, i pray that the health community sectors and the leaders of of each nation will continue to seek solution to help people in finding cure to contain this killing virus. And while their are all doing what they can, all we could do now is to cooperate. And it mean so much.

For a time, on and off, i keep away from social media and daily news. In time like this that we can let ourselves learn on how to nurture the way we deal with our everyday life. To lessen the pressure and to help ourselves to breath. In any type of struggles and recoveries, at most, when emotions and mental concerns are at stake, a breather is necessary, right? Though staying updated on what's happening around us help in someway for a heads up. But not all of us, at this point of time always need to know it either. For some, clearing of thoughts. And for some, peace of mind. So on this quarantine life of ours,  it's also the right time to know more about ourselves, on what we really needed and wanted. And meditation is a great help. Sometimes knowing and doing the things outside the norm is the best to help our wellness. To be able to reciprocate on how to feed our soul with the right nourishment. And you will be amaze on how it can help deal with our personal development. 

For the past month i find joy in making my hands dirty, doing gardening. being around nature is crucial for me these days. it can help calm my state of mind.  It's a surreal feeling seeing plants grow from cuttings or even originating from tiny seeds. It helps starts and end my day finding bliss and sanctuary. The early morning breeze and the chirping of the birds as a day companion help to reflect , while gazing the stars at night and sitting at the front porch initiate meditation. It helps you to be aware that you can have all the things in life in the most simple way, with the right persons at your side, and this all help me grounded. And this new life that we are into right now taught us about what matters, and what we need to left behind, in so many ways. 

And also, if there are beautiful things happening in this quarantine life is that, faith deepens and praying with reverence become a way of life. It also help dig and build strong foundation among families. The situation help to reconnect and time wise, life become less complicated. Time will come that it will be one among the topic on our table gatherings. On how this life turned us being a bonded family, that we can overcome trials if we all unite and be as one. It's also the way on how our routine looks like nowadays that is so laid back. Eating together in each meal, watching television, movies and all family members are dotting in korenovela series. Finding together hobbies that we love doing, sibling relationships become even more stronger, eating home cooked meals while the kids are being away from fast foods.( thank goodness! ) And even cooking  "de lata" ( canned foods ) become fancy doing these days and taste good to eat. And  the list goes on.  I look at life now as it help reboot itself. That a way to lead a happy life is only a simple one. And like our life before the virus existed that become more and more busy and overwhelming. That togetherness and finding time for family is even harder to achieve. That giving and accepting the gift of time can be called a huge privilege. But is that should be the case? Do you able to think about it now that you have again given the chance? Amidst what the situation that the terrible corona virus have cause? May our life inside our home nowadays that help our relationship prosper in this uncertain time will not be wasted. Most especially for those who needed this time most.

While particularly, i want to commend our President, the Republic of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, for showing the will, sincerity and compassion to his countryman alongside all the front liners to overcome this dilemna. Maybe not anyone of us see it with the same eye and i respect that. But i am one of those who are keen to look at every single details of his work when this corona virus started, and for that, as a Filipino i am grateful to have him as a leader most in this unbearable time. The quarantine life journal is not complete without putting all his work. And for me, the Filipino people are blessed to have him. The legacy of his reign including the bravery and dedication of all the front liners will remain in our heart and a word of mouth for the generation to come.

Whatever quarantine life has brought us into, may this help us evaluate a clearer thoughts on what life is all about. The importance and it's purpose. To help prevent what may be the future damage of our today's actions and try to learn and find discipline in ourselves. May the affected families who have loss someone help healed, and may those living in the dark but has given the chance to find light thru His grace may not be wasted. 

There are no easy things when life is in a phase of struggles nor chaos, right? But it's how we make life worthwhile and meaningful beyond the hardships. To find beauty in it's simplicity, to become unified in all the uncertainty that makes surpass the battle. Sometimes,  living in struggles is not a chaos at all for it teaches us how to see light outside of darkness. That's why struggles and hardships can be a good sort of foundation among relationships and even in building a good nation. It help one unite. But as always, the choice is in our hands. 

And for always, let's all  lift it unto Him, so we may find hope and comfort. May all of us be well in this new way of routine that we are currently living. 

May God bless us all. 

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