Saturday, February 1, 2020


"Choose well. Make it last. Do something Green."

Been continuously bringing and using reusable tumblers in replacement of plastic cups. Quite a chore at first but in the long run, i get use to always bring it along with me. Also encourage all our family members to do the same.

I look forward to write about this topic for a while now. However, i want to be more specific with the details and wanted to share our family experience wholeheartedly on how we deal with it in our daily lives. On how we incorporate it on our lifestyle, and also, the challenges and struggles that goes along the way in transitioning our journey to reduce waste consumption's and reuse other materials that can be harmful in this planet. And also what we can able to contribute to help, as a family of six as well. Though segregation of waste materials has been a long time practice in our household. But still, there is so much to do to if we all take time to think and put all our intentions into action.

Been using  reusable cloth bags in the market or always bring one in my bag everyday just in case there's a need to fill or buy something needed; at home or even for personal use.

It all started merely two years ago when the school of my youngest came out with an eco brick project. Each of them need to submit a plastic bottle filled with plastic trash inside. Ma, teacher told us that we can submit as many as we can. I remember her telling me. From there, the journey in our plastic awareness awakens. I was bloom away on how many clutters of plastic we need in order to fill a liter of bottle. Too much that i was terrified on how one household can contribute too many waste that can be a threat to where we live in.

Market day means bringing all the gang with me. In case there is a time to need for some more, i opted to choose using cartons rather than plastic bags. 

I remember in the early 80's when my mom asked me to go to a nearby store, i saw there hanging a variety of shampoo sachets made with paper packaging and all those who buy a kilo of rice have a paper bag that goes with it. At a young age of nine, i learn and enjoy going to the wet and dry market, buying what our home needed to make a sumptuous meal. And i still remember clearly how excited i was taking my rattan basket with me each time. Walking, hopping, singing and sometimes catching dragonflies on the way and even added one, if lucky enough, when i get back home. Also, my favorite part before i leave the market, eating camote que and drinking my favorite juice serve in a glass. And as the world changes, i myself did not notice how all the packaging turned into plastic as so as the glass turned into plastic cups and the beautiful rattan / abaca baskets carried by little's and moms got lost along the way.

until now i do have plastic hampers for laundry but when there needed to add  more, i opted for  rattan or abaca baskets instead. And i am really into it for so long that i can remember, and glad that the industry for this kind is getting  even better these days. And it brings charm into a home too, right?

And before all these things happen it's a long practice that i put all the plastic wrappers in my pocket that i end up using during the day knowing that it's a better place to put them to trash cans afterwards. But sadly, after learning so many things, knowing i am also one contributor to the wrong doing and all those directly goes to the ocean, and for that, it makes me guilty.

Replace plastic cotton buds with paper stems. i remember the time that i am not looking whether the one i choose is made of plastic or not. But nowadays i am very keen of choosing and i make it a point that i pick the right one. Little things than can be  helpful  but i did not even notice then.

Changing the habit of what we use to do is a big challenge to tackle, right? Most if you want to engage the whole family to deal with a new routine. It's like you are bending a bamboo that are now deeply rooted, much easier to bend when it is young. So to engage the family members into transitioning into five R's ( Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Re purpose, Recycle ) is really a huge challenge, a struggle in many ways, i must say. Change can not happen overnight, right? So the only solution i think of is to lead by example, to be a guide to make it easier for them to do it as a daily practice. And while the process is again, a challenge, but there's no way an individual with a will to push through put down this kind of intention. A resilience is also a must if i can look and say it in that way. As a mom who has a huge responsibility that handed into her shoulder need to be mindful that all her children should enjoy a green planet now and in the future. That the children of tomorrow is also entitled to experience a fresher air, a lush green pasture, a clean water, a clean deep blue sea and the list goes on and on.

It is the eco brick project of my daughter which started all the awareness. and we are guilty to say that a lot of our plastic consumption's is due to instant fried noodles. Yes, not a healthy thing to eat and not eco friendly at all. And when we are in the process of transitioning  we are also lessening our consumption but just as true and transparent to say, that we are not yet into turning our back on it. we just hope that the manufacturers can do something with their packaging since a lot of people are still up to it. 

I hope in some ways our practice in helping the planet, even in small portion that already discuss and shown made an enlightenment. And i hope to encourage you in some way. There are many sites that can help us start if there are some who are interested to start. And for those who practice 5 R's for so long and make it as their lifestyle, you are more than welcome to comment and share about your routines. This is a community that can help each other as an enlightenment, for the better of all. So please do take time to share your thoughts, and for that, thank you.

There are still a lot of factors and things to learn  to do more and we are doing our best here with the best of our ability and effort to do our part on a day  to help with an intentional living with our environment. It is really a matter of vision, goals, determination and the will power to live with it as a way of  our daily life. And to know that we can  able to contribute something for a green planet makes it all worth it. it .

I always believe that a small portion of help is not that small if there are way too many of us who also do the same. We should act as one nation in this journey, friends. Because we have only one earth to take care of as our shelter, and of course, you all know that.

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