Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I will never get tired of writing about Sulwhasoo's skincare. I know in my heart that it will be a favorite brand since i tried and tested it the first time. And from then on,  i did not turn my back on this brand and became one of their avid user.

The result is beyond expectation in what ever line my skin tested to. You could have a glass like skin without the effect of making your complexion look too white, if you know what i mean. It makes your skin even tone with an enhancement of your natural complexion in a kind of effect that it makes your skin glow, radiant and plump. I almost tried different varieties from the Cleansing Oil Ex , Essential Lip Serum, Essential Balancing water and emulsion, First Care Activating Serum, Bloomstay Vitalizing Water, Overnight Vitalizing Mask, Ginseng Cream to name a few. But how i wish i could narrate all their products here so i can have a grand review for all of you. But watch out for the future reviews like the Bloomstay line which i am currently using and hooked about. As well as their Face Mask and phenomenal First Care Activating Serum. If you started their product as one your skincare routine, there will never be a time that it will not be included in your vanity shelf. It is fascinating to use and can give you back beyond what you expected. you can check more about their skincare and gift sets here.

I love how they offer their gift sets most especially the limited ones. The packaging is a collectors pieces and it looks so pretty to have as a display in your vanity table. And also by choosing a gift set, I have a chance to try their mini samples that are included with the full size bottle. Trying beauty samplers is a good offer from beauty manufacturers. It helps you decide what to purchase if you think it is worth the investment upon knowing the effect through a week of using. It is a value for money kind of purchase. 

In time of celebrating Valentine's Day, now until the 14th of February. Sulwhasoo will be having a gift with a required purchase  ( of $400 ) and you could have the Radiance Blusher, for free! Just add the blusher in your cart and add the promo code shown on the banner below upon check out and it will be automatically deducted from the total amount. How exciting is that!? The blusher is also a must to have and so pretty to look at. And did i say the packaging is so luxe? So if you are into gifting somebody in your life that you know is a skincare enthusiasts, this will be your chance to grab the offer before it is gone. You can never go wrong with their line, from skincare down to make up, i can attest you of that. As a reference you can find my review here and some here.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


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