Sunday, January 19, 2020


Happy New Year Everyone! Let's have a memory lane and backtrack on how this space started and how i thought of growing my content. And also a reason for new followers to know this space a little bit better.

I have been a fan of beauty and classic style as i started writing years ago. For some of you who are here since i started this blog may still remember that. Hence, the reason why i able to find friendships with style and beauty bloggers across that globe that i am grateful at up to these days.

The content evolve to showcasing about motherhood and lifestyle as the years goes by. Though beauty segments ( skincare and make up ) reviews has been a big role in this writing journey, but for some reasons, my daily life and insights about my passion in raising children, and the continuous daily life ( and struggles ) as, and being a mom somewhat becomes the deeper thoughts of writing, motherhood and lifestyle wise. Though beauty has become a big role to spice this space up and reminds me of who i was as a person from the start, and will still remain as a spice. Though a part of me thinking that each of us before becoming what we are today has still in us though, the personality, the dreams and ambitions that are there, just,  and still hiding. Shielding to focus on the mere important role that we have now. We became a wife, a husband and then became parents. And for us ladies, it's a start of the role of becoming a mom which consume more than our life in a beautiful and meaningful  way, right? But also, for some reason, stuck us and put a step back for the things that we aspire to be as a person, our dreams and aspirations, if there are some involve. For this reason, we should think and empower ourselves that we still have the chance to do what we love to do in a 100 percent manner and at the same time holding to what we love as a responsible family oriented person. If the passion and  longing is in there, we just try to find ways on how to make it happen.

So all to speak, it brings about a new thoughts, to start a new content about BEAUTY, LIFE and STYLE that talks about all the things that perks me up and makes me giddy as a individual. Thus before why window of happiness blog was born. It will cater about all the beauty and gifted haul as well as reviews and all the things that boost and inspire me to move forward each day as an individual self with just a spice of our life there, being a family. Just a spice though. ๐Ÿ˜Š The main bread and butter will focus on beauty; skincare and make up, reviews and the like as well as a bit of travel maybe, if it will go that far. 

Looking back, it only started as an idea, then became a vision, though still hesitant in many ways but after years of procrastination and through inspiration given by friends and some vlogger friends whom i know, here it is guys!! I already filmed my VERY. FIRST. VLOG. Yes, you read it right! Imagine that?! knowing myself, i could barely believe that i can do this! But all things are possible,  right? And in the right time, anything can happen. And now, here it is and i wanted to share it all with you!!

Though i want to make it clear that it's not something done by a pro. ( of course! But, oh, my! How i wish i could do that from the start ) Though i want to give and share you all a pro video like. But friends, it's not that easy, and i know you can understand and could give me spare time to research and learn until i figure out how to do that kind of editing skills that i love watching in a vlog. Just remind yourself while watching that i'm only a starter here.๐Ÿ˜œ

But i also love the idea of imperfections, where in i can go through memory lane someday and remember how it all began, And somehow, there will be a spark in my eyes, smile in my face, as i look back on how it all started. Added the fact that my family shared an ideas while on the process ( shout out to son1 for being my partner and assistant with all the things techie that her mom could not bear to understand. I love you and thank you! ๐Ÿ˜™) makes it more enjoyable and memorable to look back someday. And it's always fulfilling and makes me happy to do what i want, and what i love in life and have the chance to make it all happen with the support of my family, especially my husband. 

As you watch my first film, kindly bear with me that there's a chance that your phone or laptop will become dizzy, as it will need to rotate 360 degrees ( i think! ) just to watch it,๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚ but promise! That will only be in some part.✌๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜ And here, on my latest vlog, i make it happen to put subtitles for my global viewers and for my friends and pals across the globe to understand. Since i am new in this vlogging world, i make myself comfortable by using my own tongue to express my thoughts and insights. And again, i know this will improve for the better understanding and viewing of all as i go by. And i hope, each of you will become a part of this new journey of mine.

Thank you so much for supporting the launch of my youtube channel, it means so much friends, relatives, visitors and pals. And you could also search it on the search bar on youtube under the name of my website Window of Happiness. If it's not too much to ask, please subscribe, share and like and don't forget to ring on the bell button to notify you for a new one. Until next time and again, thank you for the visit. 

Hugs to all,

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