Thursday, August 15, 2019


I remember i first used lipstick in the late 90’s, that happens when i already have my third job and with two kids, that late! 😉 if i remember it correct. That time the color trend is the deep berry, deep plum shade that looks like a Gothic goddess. But i love how the color  brighten up my face without knowing what shade is suppose to wear base on my complexion. From then on without wearing any make up on aside from lipstick ( and skincare routine ) and i’m good to go. That’s when my fascination in the small size tube started.

Being a lipstick lover, it took me a while  to figure out what shade is right for me. Maybe some of you know by now how i love bold colors and any pretty shade that catches my eyes seems all appropriate until i tried and swipe up close, no, it doesn't. Does any of you experience that?

As a minor information, medium / olive skin tones tend to be either neutral or warm with yellow, golden and sometimes pink undertones. They are very rarely to have cool undertones. I am in the medium skin tone with yellow undertone that tends to be between neutral in most days then golden during summer days. With some personal experience and added thorough research, i'm happy to say that after ages i finally found the right shade that i'm confident wearing. 

Without any doubt, the shade of plum and pink has always been my top choice ever since. And i also discovered that these two compliments my skin tone well, as do coral and peachBut the shade of red is the most challenging color for me to pull off. But ‘am glad that after trial and error  i already find the right shade of red that suits my complexion well. Looking back, I'm always on the look out for the color i wanted regardless of the shade, but now it's different. Knowing the right shade for your skin tone change a lot on how you look. Your aura will pop immediately and your face immediately brighten, like you have a golden veil. that's when you know you wear one right. So to share, i write down below the variety of color base on category what shade help me achieve the best looking lipstick to compliment and help stand the right shade for medium skin tone.

A darker shades and lighter nudes works well in medium skin tone. Dusty rose and a delicate pink is a good choice most if you want to have a smokey eyes look.

Avoid pale pinks and mauve and go for rich bright shade. I remember those days that i run to Mac store to swatch and test a pink shade ( St. Ger-main and Snob ) but end up frustrated since it washes me out and found out that it only looks best for cool undertones. Fuchsia is a great choice if you are like me who look after a bold color. Also look after a shade with a little red or coral hints to enhance the complexion. For those who wanted a less intense rather than fuchsia, look after a bright coral pink, it will be an ideal choice.

I have a hard time finding the right shade of red but after testing and trying for as long as i can remember I found out that Rich berries and Brick reds work well on my yellow undertones. Though there are times i still got attracted with orange'y shade but glad i didn't pull to buy since it emphasize the yellowness of my skin even more. Same with bright reds, the shade i will always appreciate, but i know that it will never, ever, look good base on my complexion. So any woman looking good with that shade can always have my fascination. But if you are looking for one and you have  the same skin tone as mine, Deep Red and Plum suits well and do wonders on us.

Does some of you undergo the same trial and error before finding the right shade of lipstick? How was your experience? Does it took you that long or am i the only one? :)  Hope this post can be a helpful guidelines to those who still on the look out for a lipstick shade that suits best on medium complexion with yellow to golden undertone. And if you have the same skin tone like mine, feel free to share your favorites so i can also test it out. 

Again, thank you for taking time to ( re ) visit and read. ( after a long absence of mine ). It means a lot. 


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