Sunday, January 13, 2019


Hello! Let me start the first quarter of the year with a series called Mom Style. And hopefully through this series i will have the chance to introduce other moms as well who brings light and inspiration as an individual and as a mom through their daily life, without forgetting herself. But for now let me add and combine all my personal interest and thoughts and write it all down here through this series.

There are times that the busy days of mom life left you loss out of track with yourself to wholeheartedly serve your love ones no? So a blissful chance indeed when there are moments you pick a pieces of your old self and incorporate a dose of your current joy in your day to day life. Like going to spa, treating yourself to the nursery, or just try to shop at your favorite store ( and try to see yourself  infront of their full size mirror and compare that with your favorite mirror pal at home,😰 Does anyone can relate?😜 ) or travel once in a while if that sounds good to you. And even a sleepover with your good friends and chat all night if that brings you happiness. Just some thoughts that will help ourselves to be inspired and wonder in our everyday living as an individual. A dash of joy in our everyday life is important, right?

Now lets talk about this series. If you've been here for a while now, you know how i'm fond of bag since the beginning. and if you're a new visitor, i had to stop purchasing years back due to priorities. So for now let me start this month with an article i love too talking about.  Bag!. Do you come to think what kind of bag did not leave your closet all these the years? That there are types whom you are fond carrying everyday and there are also a piece you only like looking at. Though Longchamp tote is not the bag i first hand carry with me, but it's a kind of bag that i'm fan of to have all through these years. And if you know me, i easily get hook when i really like something and it's hard for me to move on,  and this brand let me do that over and over again.

So now, let's talk about why i'm hooked at this all time season tote.


Personally, i love their limited collections of Le Pliage canvas. The good thing with limited edition is that you can have the Le Pliage collection in different fabric, printed or not. Same with leather handle, it comes in different color from the usual Le Pliage line, and you can pick two shades in each season from the collection of prints. Luckily i have the chance to get a new one from the autumn collection which shown here below. Comes in a satin canvas with an exotic crocodile scale effect. While the old one seems like a jacquard floral print, while i still have the regular one in nylon. All fabric is lightweight that makes them a go to tote for  travelers as well.


I love bold and deep colors and Longchamp have a wide variety to choose from. Name it and you can have it all. All posted photos are unedited to let me show you the true shade, in daylight. 


Base on my usage, they can last for years as long as it is properly taken care of. I just shake them off and make sure there is no traces of dirt left inside. And if necessary, i wipe mine with wipes and air dry before putting back to closet. The first one i have purchased is still with me, in mint condition, from Spring 2012 collection.


Usually i picked the medium/large size. The only downside is that it can become slouchy if you put too much inside. But recently i added the small size tote and find it more perfect for my liking. Shown below is the size comparison. 


I adore that you can wear it everyday if you want to. Simple yet chic. Classy but not too flashy. A perfect tote for my casual look, i used mine with trouser and in rare times even with a dress. 

What kind of bag are with you all these years? What do you think of Longchamp Le Pliage? Do you have one still, and in use? or are you over it?

This is not a sponsored post. LongChamp has been a favorite brand of my mine since i started being fond of bags. All thoughts and opinions are my own and no way told me to do so. 

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