Thursday, January 31, 2019


Sunrise, Summer 2018 Aurora, Baler Philippines

A little late but still want to impart the milestone of the year 2018 to all and also to make it as a journal for my kids. Maybe somehow, someday, they can able to read this post and find in their heart what they really mean to me and know how i felt with all the the thoughts imparted. 

If you would ask me around fifteen to twenty years ago about the highlights of what a year looks like for me, maybe all i can tell you is-bout career, what I want to invest in, or what my goals for our family are. And if you are in the same situation now like i am before, it's is a phase of life were you see the world in your own and conquer it if you want. Through your dreams and goals, hard work and perseverance you can help yourself stand through the battle and can able to go through life in an easy way. But it's important to let your values stand in all the fields that you encounter, with all the paths that you will unravel, do not forget who you are from the start, the way how you see yourself when you started, and be humble. It is important to be obedient but know how your voice can be heard in a certain circumstances.

Motherhood/Parenting this year is more about teachings and instilling discipline. A normal household who struggles having an adult, teenager and kid, a mom who is raising her children.Though i have high hopes and expectation that sometimes can not be meet but i am thankful that we have good relationship still. [ eventhough my voice always dominating the house! ha ha ha ] But one thing i won't forget is how they tell me that they appreciate what i am doing, hearing those always brought me to tears, overflowing tears actually.Being a mother is tough, but having a purpose to raise a good child is a challenge that i embrace and i will not quit even though there are hard times and i always do soak myself with all the good times because it is always priceless.

My outlook now is different as the years past by. Personally, the highlights of a year for me alone is the chance that i'm still breathing and healthy, my family is healthy. That i able to mingle with my love ones in a healthy and productive way and that i could able to do what i love in normal, regular basis. It's the simple joys that matters now. Maybe because i can really find true happiness with those, and maybe that what matters to me most right now. Success is a personal choice and has many meanings, vision and outlook, and that is how you differentiate yours depends on how you see life and how contented you are on it.

Husband and iare keen about our health & wellness nowadays. I do enjoy our routine and it makes us even more closer to each other. Having him around makes life easier to handle. 

Though i love pretty things and the beauty that goes with this world. But within my core i still humble myself with all the real side of what the world really is. That God able to show me both sides in order to appreciate what life He has given me each day, and to appreciate it even more. I know if not all, but some of us are afraid of struggles, but through those times that we can build a dream be determine, know what a true relationship is, what really matters in this world and appreciate life even in the little things. With that being said, it all depends upon how we look up to life but in those situation, you can see the genuine beauty of life. When you laugh hard and sobbed, that's natural, we are only human. But in those circumstances you can live happily each day, that you have a grateful heart even were you are in the path that you have not chosen. When you find time to appreciate and thank all what comes your way, may it be big or small, then you find true success, you are at peace. My son call it adaptation but i call it, acceptance.

It is lovely that i able to reconnect with an old friend. A satisfying and overflowing happiness to let yourself talk and have  good conversation that you can freely let your soul be heard that you know both of you will not judge each other. A kind of relationship that you know prosper even if you don't always see each other. A person who knows you from the past that you can say anything and everything and just seeing them have a spark of joy in your life. Bless all friendships that knows no boundaries and no limits even if status quo is not an issue at all.

Can it be possible to have a grateful heart with all the struggles happening in life? What do you think? As a mother of four, i believe that it's important to instill values and help a child to appreciate life at a young age. I believe it is a choice. Those who consider to appreciate it find light, and those who will not, seek darkness. Parenting wise it is a responsibility to teach our children values, that the world is lacking now. But us parents know that not all children are willing to listen and execute our teachings. But it's important that we do our best and try hard because if we will not, who will?

Beach and summer days will always be a great memories to look back in our family. A tradition we started and we always look upon to experience. Added that the road trips are a great way for deep conversations, being silly, eating chips , laughter's, giggles, snorting and farting ha ha ha. That is summer fun is all about, digging family relationships and memories that will last in our hearts, for a lifetime.

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