Thursday, January 31, 2019


Sunrise, Summer 2018 Aurora, Baler Philippines

A little late but still want to impart the milestone of the year 2018 to all and also to make it as a journal for my kids. Maybe somehow, someday, they can able to read this post and find in their heart what they really mean to me and know how i felt with all the the thoughts imparted. 

If you would ask me around fifteen to twenty years ago about the highlights of what a year looks like for me, maybe all i can tell you is-bout career, what I want to invest in, or what my goals for our family are. And if you are in the same situation now like i am before, it's is a phase of life were you see the world in your own and conquer it if you want. Through your dreams and goals, hard work and perseverance you can help yourself stand through the battle and can able to go through life in an easy way. But it's important to let your values stand in all the fields that you encounter, with all the paths that you will unravel, do not forget who you are from the start, the way how you see yourself when you started, and be humble. It is important to be obedient but know how your voice can be heard in a certain circumstances.

Motherhood/Parenting this year is more about teachings and instilling discipline. A normal household who struggles having an adult, teenager and kid, a mom who is raising her children.Though i have high hopes and expectation that sometimes can not be meet but i am thankful that we have good relationship still. [ eventhough my voice always dominating the house! ha ha ha ] But one thing i won't forget is how they tell me that they appreciate what i am doing, hearing those always brought me to tears, overflowing tears actually.Being a mother is tough, but having a purpose to raise a good child is a challenge that i embrace and i will not quit even though there are hard times and i always do soak myself with all the good times because it is always priceless.

My outlook now is different as the years past by. Personally, the highlights of a year for me alone is the chance that i'm still breathing and healthy, my family is healthy. That i able to mingle with my love ones in a healthy and productive way and that i could able to do what i love in normal, regular basis. It's the simple joys that matters now. Maybe because i can really find true happiness with those, and maybe that what matters to me most right now. Success is a personal choice and has many meanings, vision and outlook, and that is how you differentiate yours depends on how you see life and how contented you are on it.

Husband and iare keen about our health & wellness nowadays. I do enjoy our routine and it makes us even more closer to each other. Having him around makes life easier to handle. 

Though i love pretty things and the beauty that goes with this world. But within my core i still humble myself with all the real side of what the world really is. That God able to show me both sides in order to appreciate what life He has given me each day, and to appreciate it even more. I know if not all, but some of us are afraid of struggles, but through those times that we can build a dream be determine, know what a true relationship is, what really matters in this world and appreciate life even in the little things. With that being said, it all depends upon how we look up to life but in those situation, you can see the genuine beauty of life. When you laugh hard and sobbed, that's natural, we are only human. But in those circumstances you can live happily each day, that you have a grateful heart even were you are in the path that you have not chosen. When you find time to appreciate and thank all what comes your way, may it be big or small, then you find true success, you are at peace. My son call it adaptation but i call it, acceptance.

It is lovely that i able to reconnect with an old friend. A satisfying and overflowing happiness to let yourself talk and have  good conversation that you can freely let your soul be heard that you know both of you will not judge each other. A kind of relationship that you know prosper even if you don't always see each other. A person who knows you from the past that you can say anything and everything and just seeing them have a spark of joy in your life. Bless all friendships that knows no boundaries and no limits even if status quo is not an issue at all.

Can it be possible to have a grateful heart with all the struggles happening in life? What do you think? As a mother of four, i believe that it's important to instill values and help a child to appreciate life at a young age. I believe it is a choice. Those who consider to appreciate it find light, and those who will not, seek darkness. Parenting wise it is a responsibility to teach our children values, that the world is lacking now. But us parents know that not all children are willing to listen and execute our teachings. But it's important that we do our best and try hard because if we will not, who will?

Beach and summer days will always be a great memories to look back in our family. A tradition we started and we always look upon to experience. Added that the road trips are a great way for deep conversations, being silly, eating chips , laughter's, giggles, snorting and farting ha ha ha. That is summer fun is all about, digging family relationships and memories that will last in our hearts, for a lifetime.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Some of the posted skincare has been on my product review before hand. You can read more about it here.

Sulwhasoo Balancing water and Emulsion Ex in 125 ml and Caudalie Essence in 150 ml both in glass bottle

I considered myself lucky that i able to try and test some top skincare that's on my bucket list last year. And if you know me, you know that when i fall in love with the product, it must be included in my skincare ritual. ( As far as my wallet could afford ha ha! ) With that being said i want to share with you the skincare line that meets my expectations, proven, tried and tested.

But first, all of us have different skin concerns, maybe what works for me did not work that way for you. But if we are in the same boat, the goal to have a more lifted and firm skin. Brightens, even tone and to achieve a natural flush that glows without wearing make up on, hop in! As we can share each other what works best and what is not. But brave yourself first since this will gonna be a long post and consider that as an early warning.

I have dark spots / slight melasma / pigmentation on my cheeks that lightens in "ber" months and darkens during summer days. I just wish i knew about the importance of sunblocks and the use of hats at a young age as an early prevention. As well as a lavish application every couple of hours or so during the time i enjoyed riding a motorcycle to help not worsen the spots even more. From then on, i make sure i have a sunblock with a minimum of spf 50 and a brightening line to help the melasma from worsening and age spots to prevent from popping. For now i only do a topical base treatment and some supplements to go along with it. I also try to eat more vegetables to help release the natural glow of the skin. Though i always consider to consult a dermatologist about the condition but afraid on how will the treatment will cost me. So for now i will stick with all the proven skincare first that will come my way as long as it shows great results. And till then, if there's a chance i will consider having treatment, when time comes. 

My beauty nook nowadays are dominated by Sulwhasoo. These are only a proof how  an avid consumer i am if i love the products so much. It all started when i first use the Sulwhasoo Cleansing Oil, ( that badly needed to be replenish ) I always look forward at the end of the day were i can apply and massage it to my face while removing make up. It really soothes and calm your senses aside from the fact that it can totally cleanse my make up without the residue. 2 pumps is enough for me. It's been a favorite routine to double cleanse since the day i considered using this product.

Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water Ex and Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion Ex. These two came as a freebies that i'm excited and bit curious to try at first. Curious because i don't know if this can work for my skin still considering my age. And curious because i have heard so much about Sulwhasoo raving the beauty blogging world. Though hesitant if i could achieve a more firm skin i use it still, adding these two to my skincare routine. And boy, i was amazed a week after using. As it even tones and achieve a dewy looking skin as it retains moisture. What a satisfying feeling to see how well it does to my skin. I love that the emulsion absorbs easily and don't have a greasy after feel. Been satisfied after finishing all the samples that i decided to give it a go to have the regular size as part of my skincare routine.

Origins Plantscriptions Powerful Lifting Concentrate - Origins is a brand that i always love to have in my vanity table. I can never go wrong with the skincare that i have tried. It is a proven and tested product that gives ultimate result on me. It's a go to skincare whenever i look for a firming and lifting cream, may it be a moisturizer or a serum perhaps. And it shows result on me most in my jawline, and did i say that this line also helps your skin glow? Yes, it is. Your face looks lifted, contoured younger and glowing. And the price range is reasonable enough for all the skin benefits you can achieve. The 30 ml bottle lasted three months on me with day and night usage.

Caudalie VinoPerfect Brightening Essence - This Parisian brand makes me venture to their skincare line the day i'm impress using their Beauty Elixir. The Vinoperfect Brightening Essence helps illuminates, even tones skin, and help prevent dark spots, just perfect for my liking. I use it as a first step after cleansing and before toning. I drop some on my hands then damp it slowly directly on my face. You can use a cottons pad / ball if you want but personally, i like how i apply it now. The first few days i felt some tingling sensation but tolerable, then i also notice that it tightens the skin without drying. For a period of three months or so that i'm using this product and impress with the result. I could say from now that it is a kind of brand that i will get a long skincare relationship with. Still considering to venture from their intensive line. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - I will say over and over and recommend not only to my friends but i also want to share with you that this is a beauty in a bottle. I'm not amaze that almost all make up artist have this on their kit and on their vanity. You can spray the elixir after cleansing before your skincare routine or you can do it otherwise if you like, in times you just want a barefaced look without wearing make up on but will help your skin look healthy and glowing. Or you can use it as a last step after make up application to help it set and last long while it helps give you a natural glow. As an added advantage that it smells relaxing like what you smell  in a spa. So a win bottle to have it in your kit, really!

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner - I remember that i love to look at this brand because of their variety of eye caddy products. They are all promising, so nice to look and and too pretty to line up in a beauty nook. But among those i want to try, i first stick to what i need. And this comes the Umbrian Clay PurifyingToner. From months of continued use , i notice that it really minimize the appearance of pores and non drying at all.  I have a combination skin and it seems to prevent the look from being too oily since it matifies the skin. Though this is not the only toner that i use nowadays but i'm a happy user as i take the benefits from what it promise. So definitely it will stay as one of my skin regimen.

June Jacobs Lip Renewal - I've been a user of lip balm ever since i remember and as days and years passed by i have different concerns about the benefits it could offer. So as i age, i'm looking for a more intensive that will help prevent / lessen the appearance of furrow on my lips. Let's face it, as you age, aside from the eyes , the lips should also be taken care of as it clearly shows how you age if taken for granted. So if you have a pouted lips now that you are young, appreciate it even though some of you may not like how it looks nowadays but i tell you, you can appreciate it even more as you age. So make sure that it should be properly treated and taken care of.

I tested last year a lip renewal balm from June Jacobs as it promise to lessen the furrows and lines. Through months of using this balm i have noticed that my lips always felt soft and smooth, like how it feels when newly scrub. The texture upon application feels like a mix of cream and oil. So if you are not a fan of this texture, this one is not for you. But if you're after the benefit, i recommend to use this before bed time. I have experience a dry / chaps lips most of the time so i'm not bother about the texture. Most especially now that we experience cold weather here that can easily induce chap lips. Since it has an oily like consistency, i make it a point to put it first then let it stand until i finish all my skincare routine, before applying lipstick, for a more precise application. So far i love how the texture of my lips feels nowadays. It helps lighten the lines and help renew my lips overtime.

Jade Roller - I also add a tool to help the skincare absorb really well. I use jade roller 5-10 minutes after skincare application to help it absorb by the skin even more. I also notice the difference when i continuously use it and when the time i have lapses, and notice a big difference. It helps the skin glow and even more contoured. And it has the benefits of calming your senses while you roll since it helps relax not only your skin but your mind as well. You could use it directly in room temperature, while i love mine putting in the fridge first and apply it cold. It help diminish puffiness and eye bags, when you have those late nights agendas. And with continued, use, it lessen the puffiness overtime. Tools are always a great help and glad that one by one i added mine to my beauty arsenal.

Some promising skincare samples i have been using for days now and saw a lot of improvements on my skin are Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream, Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Relief,  Sunday Riley CEO 15% Vitamin C Rapid Flash Brightening Serum.  

Are you a user of products that are listed here? What's your personal opinions and favorite among them?  

Thank you for your visit and if you make it read up to here. Till next time.

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Hello! Let me start the first quarter of the year with a series called Mom Style. And hopefully through this series i will have the chance to introduce other moms as well who brings light and inspiration as an individual and as a mom through their daily life, without forgetting herself. But for now let me add and combine all my personal interest and thoughts and write it all down here through this series.

There are times that the busy days of mom life left you loss out of track with yourself to wholeheartedly serve your love ones no? So a blissful chance indeed when there are moments you pick a pieces of your old self and incorporate a dose of your current joy in your day to day life. Like going to spa, treating yourself to the nursery, or just try to shop at your favorite store ( and try to see yourself  infront of their full size mirror and compare that with your favorite mirror pal at home,šŸ˜° Does anyone can relate?šŸ˜œ ) or travel once in a while if that sounds good to you. And even a sleepover with your good friends and chat all night if that brings you happiness. Just some thoughts that will help ourselves to be inspired and wonder in our everyday living as an individual. A dash of joy in our everyday life is important, right?

Now lets talk about this series. If you've been here for a while now, you know how i'm fond of bag since the beginning. and if you're a new visitor, i had to stop purchasing years back due to priorities. So for now let me start this month with an article i love too talking about.  Bag!. Do you come to think what kind of bag did not leave your closet all these the years? That there are types whom you are fond carrying everyday and there are also a piece you only like looking at. Though Longchamp tote is not the bag i first hand carry with me, but it's a kind of bag that i'm fan of to have all through these years. And if you know me, i easily get hook when i really like something and it's hard for me to move on,  and this brand let me do that over and over again.

So now, let's talk about why i'm hooked at this all time season tote.


Personally, i love their limited collections of Le Pliage canvas. The good thing with limited edition is that you can have the Le Pliage collection in different fabric, printed or not. Same with leather handle, it comes in different color from the usual Le Pliage line, and you can pick two shades in each season from the collection of prints. Luckily i have the chance to get a new one from the autumn collection which shown here below. Comes in a satin canvas with an exotic crocodile scale effect. While the old one seems like a jacquard floral print, while i still have the regular one in nylon. All fabric is lightweight that makes them a go to tote for  travelers as well.


I love bold and deep colors and Longchamp have a wide variety to choose from. Name it and you can have it all. All posted photos are unedited to let me show you the true shade, in daylight. 


Base on my usage, they can last for years as long as it is properly taken care of. I just shake them off and make sure there is no traces of dirt left inside. And if necessary, i wipe mine with wipes and air dry before putting back to closet. The first one i have purchased is still with me, in mint condition, from Spring 2012 collection.


Usually i picked the medium/large size. The only downside is that it can become slouchy if you put too much inside. But recently i added the small size tote and find it more perfect for my liking. Shown below is the size comparison. 


I adore that you can wear it everyday if you want to. Simple yet chic. Classy but not too flashy. A perfect tote for my casual look, i used mine with trouser and in rare times even with a dress. 

What kind of bag are with you all these years? What do you think of Longchamp Le Pliage? Do you have one still, and in use? or are you over it?

This is not a sponsored post. LongChamp has been a favorite brand of my mine since i started being fond of bags. All thoughts and opinions are my own and no way told me to do so. 

Monday, January 7, 2019


Happy new year everyone! We are still on holiday vacation mode but ready to go back to school this week. Also, taking advantage of the time to reflect on life, on what's gonna be about, on what will matters most, and feeling hopeful for a fresh new year start.

The last time i did a new year's resolution is on my high school days, it's always a part to do a resolution after coming back from a holiday vacation. As far as i remember, from that time after, i labeled mine with "goals" and not a resolution anymore. 

So here goes my list;

On Motherhood:

Listen and Be Present- Since i find inspiration about the things that i love ( home, life,  style, beauty and motherhood ) and learn about different cultures and tips on a day life through social media, but there are also time that it affects my communications in some point. Scrolling on and off on phone takes a lot of time too, right? Though i'm not good in sacrificing things that i love that help me grow as a person, but i also do my best to try and find solution when it's needed to be. So on this part i need to find time to balance myself between being online without sacrificing anything. Thinking of having a days or a week off in a month to refresh and balance things out is one solution that i consider. 

On Career:

Time Management - This year i decided to make a room and spend time working. To be productive in some way that that will help me grow as a person. Being away from work for so long help me to feel that i'm retired on my career, but it isn't. Though i love and enjoy my life now, but a part of me still miss it. Life now thought me that a passion continue to keep burning inside of you, it only need to help you focus and kick yourself out to start doing what you believe in, and have the determination to keep moving. Last year, i made a step back on writing to focus on personal matter. However, this year, i'm determine to make an effort and time for it. It feels good to know that you still have a dream inside of you and have a chance to make it a reality. To earn and to save and to help compensate my love one as well is a goal to fulfill. So for this year, it's all about working hard and make a room for it. It doesn't matter how big or small i can go but it's more about  making a vision a reality that matters.

On Beauty:

The good thing about aging and taking good care of your skin at an early stage is you finally see ultimate results when you age. It payback time, literally. Thinking about all the application of creams even though you are too sleepy at night make it all worth it.And at this point you don't need to worry about aging cause you feel that you're at at your best, you age gracefully, the way you wanted to be. So as i always tell, prevention is better than treatment, always. Right?

Again the topic is all about beauty that's why i talk so much ha ha. So for this year, i will continue to test new products and replenish some favorites. Still on a goal to combat  hyper pigmentation, lifting, mostly around the jawline and firming as well. I have some skincare reviews on the list too and working on a blog post. So stay tuned.

On Family:

Still on our list to travel and explore new places. For now, we still don't have a place in mind to visit but as always, travel once a year is a must. To help us become more closer, rejuvenate, and to help us bond outside our comfort zone. This becomes a family tradition for years now that we enjoy and i took advantage of this kind of moment, too. While we all have the time to make it happen.

On Home:

This year is about home improvement. STILL. Painting, fixing and changing details in some portion  of the house as a minor aspect. And also positively thinking that our kitchen renovation will be over until the end of this year, hopefully. A major goal indeed! 

Friends, I'm looking at a hopeful, brighter and healthier 2019! I wish and pray to achieve what we have in mind and what our heart desires. What about you? What's your major goal for this year? 

Till again, 

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