Thursday, June 7, 2018


I came to think about this topic several times. On and off i write, and i pause. But thinking there are some who is on the same boat as i am that probably could relate, can feel their heart out on this topic, and so, i continue. Parenting and motherhood has so many paths, it's rewarding, a lot of learning and thriving. Our experiences maybe somewhat the same or different but i know, our heart full of love, hope and compassion will always remain the same.

The majority of us dedicate time to work hard, invest and save for the future of our child. Some have educational funds right away. And for some, from paycheck to paycheck strive their best to come out with a good savings. They stand on the goal of putting their child's future on top of their list, and so is education. You know, the excitement of being a parent, right? Our child is our greatest joy and inspiration, and planning for them is overwhelming. 

That's maybe because we always want the best for them and this also apply most if you came from a family who experienced poverty, lack of education or the least, no education at all. In this situation, the dream for your children to succeed to have a better life is unparallel. The passion to sacrifice whatever it takes in order to achieve a good life is no doubt the greatest love to call. In some point, it's the purest love that a parents endure over responsibility, but these two is the most important factor in order to attain their life long goal and to overcome struggles. A chapter of parenting which is a life achieving goal. The grit for your child' s accomplishment is a reward, a big achievement. And so to children. But the most, thinking that they can withstand life's battle with good armor in hand is a better way to have a peaceful mind. When one becomes a parent, you will learn that you can give so much to a person, that true love exist. That thinking of them so much, it hurts.

But how about the children? Children accept learnings and guidance differently, they are unique in their own way. There are children who have the same visions in life as their parents, or have goals in life at an early age, with a goal and timeline to meet. in this situation parenting becomes easier to handle, i think. And there are also children who have a hard time, coping, moving up. That feels like it's not yet the time for them to set apart from their comfort zone, with that being said parenting becomes challenging. 

How do you deal if some of the plans did'nt push through? That your child is not persistent in the fields that you assume he will become to be? A split in personality perhaps? Or having problems in whatever concepts of life it maybe, or on how they deal with education, maybe they knew it's not for them  or just taking it slow. How will you cope? Are you ready for all the challenges? This is a daily life to thrive, did you ever see it coming? At first for sure you will have a hard time coping, finding yourself on how to balance the situation, for some may get indenial and depress, then in some cases, comes the guilt, for some take it all easy and know time will come for their child to learn. But how far can you go before the word acceptance pop in your mind? Are you the open mind type? Are you the take it easy kind? Or are you the idealistic type? 

We always hear the word parenting is rewarding, yes. But in some or most cases it's all about learning and understanding, crying and sobbing, dealing with acceptance and forgiveness, coping and thriving, patience and hope. And to deal with all of these, love is to endure.

I just hope all children will learn to understand were their parents come from. On how they deal with everyday life just to meet the life that they have now. That sacrifice is only the word that always comes to mind but above all, it's  love, and parents have so much of that. But with that being said, life should evolve and move most to those children who can't come out to their comfort zone. They should realize that eventhough a parents love is never ending, they also have a life to fulfill as they age and the realization that they are getting old too should always take in consideration. Children should think that when you become a parent, the thoughts will not end until the day a child have a family of their own but the thoughts of having a good and peaceful life will make them live a happy and quiet life too. 

And for children who do it alone, strive to what he becomes in life without a parents on board and even a relatives on hand, i salute you! I commend your hardship and dedication for achieving what you want to become in life. May life brings you abundance and peace and may you also be an inspiration to many and a blessings to others. 

What's your thoughts on this matter? And how far are you in the chapter of motherhood? Did any of the topic hits you? I know this topic is raw but sometimes there are thoughts in mind that needs to put into writing and a topic that needed to be said. As life has many phases, as well as our journey, but through these all, we grow, learn and stand through the test of time. And as always, the tribe that helps to build a strong group, always matters, as so your thoughts.

Thank you for taking time to read the most if you reach these far.

Till then,

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