Monday, May 21, 2018


Been trying different kinds of skincare lately to suit to my skin concern. Above all, a favorite type consist of serums and night moisturizers. For me, it's the most helpful skincare that skin will benefit most, but the one you needed to invest in. 

Being a mom of four, i figured out that aside from birthday, May month in celebration of Mother's Day is a good excuse to cross out some bucket list, gifted or not, skincare is obviously on top of priority.

I share below some of my recent finds and what currently i'm loving right now.

Jade Roller - I don't know where i have been or what's in my mind that it's just recently that i got the chance to have this one. Aside from this cleansing tool that i normally use twice a day, jade roller is a beauty must have in every skincare routine. I use it twice a day, morning and night in an upward motion and after nearly four weeks of using, i notice that my skin glow, it tones and help sculpt mostly in the jaw line and also depuff under eye bags. Jade roller also helps release tension and stress when using. The best to put in in the fridge and roll on your face after your skincare ritual, to help the skincare sink in,  to achieve ultimate result. 

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner - I've been a fan of toner eversince i've started using skincare, and as i remember, toner is the first skincare that invade my vanity kit back then. From then on, i venture into different variant in in which my skin has concern most. And there are mainly three types that i'm looking for when i purchase ; brightening, purifying / clarifying and lastly, resurfacing.

I get my hands on Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner to help minimize pores and mattifies the skin, i have a combination skin type so a toner that helps minimize the shine is always a must have, i normally use this in the morning and the other two i alternate at night. This time i tried Fresh toner since I've read and heard good reviews about them so i let myself in and give it a try. The only downside is that it has a strong smell for my liking, but getting use to it since i really wanted to know how will the result goes on me. So as i type this, i'm quite satisfied with the result since it really help to matifies my face and avoid the greasy face look that i normally achieve in summer, in a hot and humid tropical climate. As an add on benefit, will keep you posted on how it minimize pores and if it soften the skin too, as brand promise, soon. You can purchase local here.

Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Concentrate - This is potion in a bottle for me. All that i want in a skincare compose in this concentrate as it helps sculpt your face, lift, brightens and firm. It has a citrus smell that helps calm your senses, too. And to say that the radiance effect on me is unparalleled. In all fairness i can say that you can benefit the radiance effect in all Origins Plantscription line, as i personally tested their cream and serum and it gives the same result on me. This is one to consider if you're looking for an intensive skincare with the same benefits as i mention above. 30 ml for all skin types. You can also find it here in US.

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence with Rose and Grape Seed Oil - I must admit, i got hook to try this because of the look of the serum, if you look closely, it has encapsulated flowers in it. How pretty is that, right? And also if you are like me who is a fan of rose, you will terribly love the scent. I have a happy thoughts every time time i apply this essence since it brings back memories from my childhood - When looking through the window, a perfect time in early morning you will see an array of potted rose plants with variety of colors, shapes and types. The best part is that, the smell is fascinating. So, that reason alone Rose Caviar Essence is a must tube to mingle in my vanity table. 

Benefit wise, rose helps to hydrate and restore. Soften, refine and tone. This essence also helps brightens and bring radiance to the skin as it also helps diminish discoloration. 45 ml,  for all skin types.

What type of skincare do you enjoy using as of late? 
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