Sunday, March 25, 2018


It's summer here and in our garden, the flowering plants like bougonvillaes, hibiscus, roses and calachuchi are already in full bloom. The rose vines are going lush and wild and needed to put a trellis for support. It's a joy to  look at it  in the morning, while watering the plants or just by staring at it through the window, while hearing the birds chirping. It's the stillness and beauty of nature that put my mind in the right perspective.

It's also the time to begin planting so i already check for my seed stash. It becomes a family tradition here for years to plant from scratch every summer. It's fulfilling to see all those seedlings grow and turn into a good harvest and serve some of the veggies from garden to our table. All of those plants started to grow from hope, care, and love. Actually it's not always about the  harvest, though it makes me and the kids giddy­čśë but mostly it's all about the mental aspects that it gives, it's therapeutic. Just looking at them makes me happy. Aside from the fact that it's a good bonding time for us all, as a family. A good source of conversation infront of the table, there so many stories to tell, like Iya who name all the seedlings last year that makes us all laugh each time. I know all of you plant parents can attest to the happiness plants brought to our lives.­čśś

Looking back at my childhood, I grew up in a yard with a variety of fruit bearing trees, ornamental plants and a garden full of vegetables and herbs. So i'm not surprise if I ended up loving and appreciating nature in general. In our home way back, my mom love to decorate different variety of hanging plants, but she also love to mix our home with artificial plants that she loves to put in one coner, and some on top of the table. I remember a part of my chores growing up is to wipe those "leaves". Before, i even asked her why she like having artificial plants and don't put a real plants instead. She always uttered; There some variety of plants that is hard to grow so having them is a good alternative for me. Sometimes you need to have a plan B if your plan A doesn't work. So for her, that's an ultimate solution.

From then on at a young age, I have learned to understand that there's a certain option if one situation doen't work, and even a green thumb experience to have a black thumb in some circumstances. So it's only a matter of finding solution. For me, i really love growing plants, but i also remember in early years of home making that I also bought some artificial plants to decorate in our room. It's true that a child can mimic the life's rhythm in their childhood, in their growing up years. And in my case, I have mimic some ways of my mom in that way.

So there should not have judgement whether or not you can grow from seeds , direct bought a growing plant or if finding solution is just like what my mom did, you can just bought an artificial to beautify your space. It's a choice, may it be real,  or a mix of both, it doesn't matter as long as it give serenity and happiness, go with it, right? It's a privilege to feel your house, a home in whatever type a homemaker put a personal touch in one space. And we should always remember that each one of us has a unique kind of taste and lifestyle to go along with it.

If you're looking for some varieries for your home, you can check some collections here, if my mom is still with me, i know she will pick gardenia to put in one corner of her room and this one is a pretty centerpiece too for my liking. 

Happy almost weekend to all.

Till then,

*This is a sponsored post by Silk Plants Direct, anything written is base in my own thoughts and opinions.

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