Tuesday, August 8, 2017


                                              What is done, can't be undone

Hello, it's now August! One of my favorite month and will add a year older before the month ends. I'm not really conscious about the figure it's just a number, and as long as I can do something about the law of gravity, I am okay.😉 Kidding aside, I am grateful everyday, it's not easy as it goes but there's so much to be thankful for rather than to dwell, I tell that to myself. Each day is a blessing and if you find it hard today, there's someone who's making a harder life rather than you do, in that way you will know that you are blessed.

Long time reader probably know that as much as we can, my family and I find ways to travel, locally. It's a breath of fresh air to go some place that you see for the first time or a favorite. It's always good for one soul and turns out to a good boost and experience to all. And, if times comes we could travel international, London, Paris, Spain, Morocco, New York, Japan, Hongkong  and China would be in our bucket list.


What if you want it differently? That you want to travel alone. Do you think of that part? Or have you travel alone before? Not for anything easy go lucky stuff but in helping to find yourself. This thing I want to do for a long time, but I just can't. There's so many randoms thoughts about the reason why, but what I only know for now is that if I able to do it I might be more at peace, that I could give more. Sometimes being an individual can be draining, right? I think in most part, it's all about dealing with yourself because you can't pour a glass of water in an empty pot, and this is true. Do you think so too?

Hope to find a way to go somewhere alone, just to think and reflect to the deep of my soul. This longing I need to work out. Just to breath, to absorb more all the positive energy and to release all the tension. To let myself soak. To love and to give more love. And to help find a portion of myself,  my life.

And that all you can't do for certain time, without thinking of your needed to do chores that you  will leave for a period of time. And of course, your family.

I might say that it's not healthy to just let life goes on without putting an end to one story or say, chapter. All this I want to do for my family because I want to give all my best as a mom, a wife , and as a person.

To begin with I would like to note that I have high respect with my parents and have good relationship with them. However dealing with all the emotions when you came from a broken family without any explanation in return is not good for the children, like me, before. Back then all you do is to self analyze, to help understand the situation, to accept the fact that it happens and they don't owe you any explanation. It's a life you needed to know and understand and you have no choice.  And when the time comes I started my own life, I just wish somebody could advice me or I able to learn before hand that to go with another chapter, you should deal first whatever is left unresolved because in some point, your future decisions, though  unaware, is still base on what you left behind. 

Now is the rise of the millennials, I just hope that it will come as an eye opener to all the young ones that a child needed to understand. It's not that every family should be together if it aren't working out and I respect that. But children is a  part of the family and they needed to know what is happening. They can understand, and in time they can accept, they can and will heal and they can start all over their life in full, with extended family with them or none at all. I hope this will raise as a good reminder to all parents, young ones and even the mature ones because "what is done can't be undone". And I respect parents who help explain their children what is the situation they are into because with that they let the child raise awareness on what is really happening with their surroundings, with their family. A salute to all of you.

All of this going through emotions I just needed to release, maybe because it's my birth month, that's why, and all through the years unaware, I still find myself crying, being sentimental, And through that you know within yourself that there's needed to be fix, that there's still hanging inside of you. 

To my husband, thank you very much for all the hard laughs and the years that we've been together through the good times and bad, it makes our foundation strengthen. And to my children, my world, mama just want to have the best for you,  I love you all.

May you family be guided always, friends. God bless.

Till then,

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