Saturday, August 26, 2017


Long weekend and a succeeding day class suspension due bad weather is enough for this mama to recharge. Insert the day included is the celebration of my birthday, which up to now I am giddy about thinking of that special day. Does anyone of you feels the same? I come to think of it that aging did not affect how excited a person is to welcome her / his birthday each year. Or maybe, it's just me?šŸ™Š

The day flew by as a simple celebration, eating at family's favorite burger house. Exploring one shopping mall that I did not have the chance to visit yet and go straight to the beauty and home shops  to see all eye candy items that is enough to make me happy. I took the chance to photo shoot in the area which I find as a good location and only happens once in a while if you notice so. Glad to say that the first time visit gave a happy memories to us as a family or to me the least to say. Truly a fresh new environment makes a difference. After that, we did some restaurant hopping and take out some food to continue the celebration at home. What makes it more special is that I have my whole crew celebrating with me that day. Though I will cry if this might happen but I know there will come a time that one day we can not be complete to celebrate anymore, for situational reasons. So now, I am grateful for another year of life having them around and I love soaking up to that feeling of joy.

As an addition I appreciate the greetings I gather during that day that makes me feel emotional, young and well loved. Truly, God makes the day wonderful and it's only on us how we can appreciate it. 

Happy happy birthday to all who's celebrating this month! May good health and happiness be with us always.šŸ¤—


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