Thursday, August 31, 2017


August is a month of skincare for me. Do I need to jump? Or do I need to dance? No? But that's how I felt every time and I don't think that kind of excitement will die anytime soon. I try to add and replenish bottles that i tried and love, and some new brands that I want to explore more, while others have my hearts beats fast just thinking to put on as an added new regimen. Beauty addict mamas, do you feel that way too?

I think when you hit age 35 and up it's a brand new way to explore new line to support new skincare concern. Though anti aging serums and creams are there which you already have personally, I consider wanting to have at least one or two new items that target concerns like lifting, facial contour, uneven skin tone, and radiance since some of these factors are diminish due to age and some are not covered by my current skincare line. Though healthy diet and exercise affect to the outcome of having good skin. I could probably say that this is the stage were high maintenance in the world of beauty and skincare enters. A must say that anybody who doesn't want to show her real age will probably join the club.🙋🏻🙈

I tried using a whole line of skincare brand in my early 30's from cleanser down to sunblock and fair to say that the  result doesn't disappoint. The pros is that you can clearly see the ultimate result while the cons is you can easily point out if the product is not for you due to skin sensitivity, blemishes that may occur. But to say, there's so many items in the market that promise the things that you wanted so it goes that some retain in my vanity table while others are being replace by new skincare brands. For now I'm not yet into a point of using array of skincare brand from different line but I'm into a point of becoming overboard to brands that I really like and love.

This month is all about my recent favorites. Thankful that I did not have the chance to waste money on products that does not have good effect on me or irritate my skin while testing. The Ordinary Glycolic Toning Solution and Buffet Peptide serum which I reviewed here is a good skincare product that I have tried with and have good results on me as day goes by of using it. Mario Badescu Collagen is a good and budget friendly moisturiser that I'm currently using and repurchase and on my second bottle. Next is Sulwhasoo ahh this brand I really want to try a year I think since I learn about this brand. Elated that I got the chance to have one to try, and with all the little samples included with it from facial foam to emulsion. As a first time user of this korean luxury brand by Amore Pacific, I was surprise by the luxe packaging and the scent of the cleansing oil the moment I open and use it. Feels like you are on a spa with the relaxing smell and atmosphere,  a good start for a long good night sleep. I just wish I get the combo instead together with the facial foam. I have picked the cleansing oil since it's not a secret to some that I am fond of using make up nowadays and an avid fan of oil as a make up remover. I just thought now is the time to try something new and after trying out cleansing oil, it only proves one thing that cleansing oil will not be the last item I will get from them. A very satisfied with my usage. Does any of you using their brand? What kind? How is your experience using it so far ? Last but not the least from this month is the Shea body butter from the body shop which I got as a gift that was given to me by my daughter.  A long time favorite of mine since early days that I became a beauty enthusiast. I love how hydrating their body butter is and learn to layer it too on top of the hand cream that I'm currently using. It's one of my go to brand when I needed something for my body, from shower gel, soap, body mist and body butter. And now a daughter of mine is a certified user of this brand too, maybe by her mom influence.

Skincare is my first love on top of make up. It is something that makes me happy and opening a new bottle makes me smile. If I will be given a chance to have a shopping spree I know in my heart, without a doubt, I will be right in front of all the beauty counters that I love or clicking at my favorite online store, who doesn't, right? Love it! How about you, what's the little things that brought you smile?

A heads up to all Sulwhasoo lovers out there! Get two deluxe samples with any online purchase and find their Labor Day Special offer here.

Happy weekend to all.

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