Thursday, July 27, 2017


Alone time. Self care. Treat yourself. Words that are a luxury to hear nowadays. How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror? What's your usual outfit throughout the day? How do you find time to nourish yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually? Do you have enough time to do the things you needed for yourself aside from your usual routine? Or does your workload taken all your toll and not giving you a break? Some of the things that struggling in my mind before that I am not aware that triggers to have an anxiety attack.

Sometimes all of the want ( but needed ) things are set aside because of what we think that are most important things that's needed in the family. However even though we love and enjoy taking care of our home and looking for our kids it's also important to take care of ourselves. It's hard to hold back and put at bay the things you needed to do for a day just to spend time for yourself, thinking it will tend to pile up for the next day and you have nothing to rely on, but yourself. But to think that a person with no energy in all aspects make it no sense to go through. One must needed to pause or stop just to put herself back. I manage to practice the art of slow living or there are days that I slow it down, giving myself a break. Like a two to three hours of sleep that I think I don't need to do but my body thank me afterwards. It's a rare scenery but really, a privilege. Maybe somebody who work so much that only stop when there's nothing else to do could possibly understand the situation I want to imply. But as a mama, I know, we are all fully loaded. 

 I almost forgot how it looks like to be "alluring" wearing this kind until my daughter gave me one as a present not so long ago. I've been comfortable wearing "boxer" shorts and tank tops aside from big shirt dresses through the years. But, it's never too late, right? ha ha

I've listed down some aspects that help me to keep sane. Mothering and being a stay at home wife is no joke. It's even harder when I'm in the office before meeting with so many deadlines, that still, you can handle. So to be better with your craft, just like a student it's a continuous learning process to be at your very best.

Mental - Carving some moment to adapt positive thoughts for the day in the most convenient way whenever you are. For me it's mostly in the morning after the two youngest gone to school. To take a pause after the rush morning and to help me boost to another set of load chores throughout the day. Having my morning cup is my favorite time or yet while clearing the front yard and looking at the garden. It's a bliss of nature that set my morning to a good start. A good time to reflect too and as always, Pilates helps.

Spiritual - Nothing can compare than to have the word of God at the center of your life. Reading verses, humming songs that you can only hear at church. Talking to Him and telling stories like you do to your friend or a close relative. It makes Him even more closer and your life, at peace. I can't imagine what will be my life like without Him. Everything I have now, I owe it up to him, He is really a Savior. Starting off the week too with a good gospel is a good source to get your week on track. And like I always do, I always pray that whoever have a hard time in their life right now in what situation they are in, at this very moment, may they find peace and light through Christ, and everything will follow. 

Physical - This word sometimes taken for granted. As a mommy who done a routinary tasking, I always make myself the last on the list that need to have a budget to spend for. Sometimes there's a feeling of guilt spending too much for yourself that you know there's needed to be paid for next month. But sometimes not only for a mom, but in whatever life circumstances we are at, sacrifices happens, right? But you only need to fill what you can't do at the moment to not deprive yourself to feel and look good. Dwelling on the things that you have before that now gone is a no. No. It doesn't help in either way, right? So if you are like me before who have a budget on monthly facial, body massage, foot spa and all the ohhh and ahhh feels to pamper, brace yourself, cause now home spa is your best bet. I've learned to do a at home foot spa by the help of the machine that I've got when I'm still working. ( good thing I able to keep it👌🏼) A once a week good body massage with the help of coffee grounds and olive oil and a diy pedi. As for the face an Olay clarisonic like machine helps to clear my skin. Once in a while I'm thankful to booked a spa getaway, once in every quarter helps, but sometimes if lucky enough to schedule it before hand, that's precious! A sanctuary kind of feeling. But if there's one thing that helps me most to keep my self esteem on point is the fact that I never take my skincare for granted. Since single up to now I love to  do my morning and evening ritual. Though through the years I've learned to find skincare brands that have a good effect but is more budget friendly on a mom like me. So guys sometimes we can't cover all the skincare expenses even if we are used to buying luxury brands that we apply on our skin before, if there are out there like me who have sentiments on budget and purchasing the tested brands you want but there are times you can't, don't feel bad. Just loose up on the things your budget can't and test some brands that is more budget friendly but have a good result. As a positive note, you can always mix and match the high and low brands whenever budget comes, right? And splurge on serums of all, if not a night moisturizer helps a lot, just a tip coming from one mama here.😉 Remember it's better to apply something on rather than not. Just take in consideration that even though how good looking you are nowadays, don't be too confident on yourself and apply nothing since maintenance is the key. As we age, law of gravity exist so it's better yet to take care of our skin at an early age than to feel sorry tomorrow. Who's with me with that theory?🙋🏿

So ladies and to all moms, how do you do to feel good and attract positive thoughts within your day? In your life in particular? Since we are different from the things that we like and we have different lifestyle too, can you share some of the things how you take care of yourself that give you a bliss that are not in the list above? I also want to learn from you and you could possibly inspire others too.

Again, I appreciate your continued support in reading my essays ha ha. It's a therapeutic feeling each time I write. A good outlet that helps my inner self shift to an office work mode lady like kind of thing. It's only us who can help ourselves to feel good and to be what we want to be, right now. At this very moment in our life. 

Hugs to all,

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