Thursday, July 27, 2017


Alone time. Self care. Treat yourself. Words that are a luxury to hear nowadays. How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror? What's your usual outfit throughout the day? How do you find time to nourish yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually? Do you have enough time to do the things you needed for yourself aside from your usual routine? Or does your workload taken all your toll and not giving you a break? Some of the things that struggling in my mind before that I am not aware that triggers to have an anxiety attack.

Sometimes all of the want ( but needed ) things are set aside because of what we think that are most important things that's needed in the family. However even though we love and enjoy taking care of our home and looking for our kids it's also important to take care of ourselves. It's hard to hold back and put at bay the things you needed to do for a day just to spend time for yourself, thinking it will tend to pile up for the next day and you have nothing to rely on, but yourself. But to think that a person with no energy in all aspects make it no sense to go through. One must needed to pause or stop just to put herself back. I manage to practice the art of slow living or there are days that I slow it down, giving myself a break. Like a two to three hours of sleep that I think I don't need to do but my body thank me afterwards. It's a rare scenery but really, a privilege. Maybe somebody who work so much that only stop when there's nothing else to do could possibly understand the situation I want to imply. But as a mama, I know, we are all fully loaded. 

 I almost forgot how it looks like to be "alluring" wearing this kind until my daughter gave me one as a present not so long ago. I've been comfortable wearing "boxer" shorts and tank tops aside from big shirt dresses through the years. But, it's never too late, right? ha ha

I've listed down some aspects that help me to keep sane. Mothering and being a stay at home wife is no joke. It's even harder when I'm in the office before meeting with so many deadlines, that still, you can handle. So to be better with your craft, just like a student it's a continuous learning process to be at your very best.

Mental - Carving some moment to adapt positive thoughts for the day in the most convenient way whenever you are. For me it's mostly in the morning after the two youngest gone to school. To take a pause after the rush morning and to help me boost to another set of load chores throughout the day. Having my morning cup is my favorite time or yet while clearing the front yard and looking at the garden. It's a bliss of nature that set my morning to a good start. A good time to reflect too and as always, Pilates helps.

Spiritual - Nothing can compare than to have the word of God at the center of your life. Reading verses, humming songs that you can only hear at church. Talking to Him and telling stories like you do to your friend or a close relative. It makes Him even more closer and your life, at peace. I can't imagine what will be my life like without Him. Everything I have now, I owe it up to him, He is really a Savior. Starting off the week too with a good gospel is a good source to get your week on track. And like I always do, I always pray that whoever have a hard time in their life right now in what situation they are in, at this very moment, may they find peace and light through Christ, and everything will follow. 

Physical - This word sometimes taken for granted. As a mommy who done a routinary tasking, I always make myself the last on the list that need to have a budget to spend for. Sometimes there's a feeling of guilt spending too much for yourself that you know there's needed to be paid for next month. But sometimes not only for a mom, but in whatever life circumstances we are at, sacrifices happens, right? But you only need to fill what you can't do at the moment to not deprive yourself to feel and look good. Dwelling on the things that you have before that now gone is a no. No. It doesn't help in either way, right? So if you are like me before who have a budget on monthly facial, body massage, foot spa and all the ohhh and ahhh feels to pamper, brace yourself, cause now home spa is your best bet. I've learned to do a at home foot spa by the help of the machine that I've got when I'm still working. ( good thing I able to keep it👌🏼) A once a week good body massage with the help of coffee grounds and olive oil and a diy pedi. As for the face an Olay clarisonic like machine helps to clear my skin. Once in a while I'm thankful to booked a spa getaway, once in every quarter helps, but sometimes if lucky enough to schedule it before hand, that's precious! A sanctuary kind of feeling. But if there's one thing that helps me most to keep my self esteem on point is the fact that I never take my skincare for granted. Since single up to now I love to  do my morning and evening ritual. Though through the years I've learned to find skincare brands that have a good effect but is more budget friendly on a mom like me. So guys sometimes we can't cover all the skincare expenses even if we are used to buying luxury brands that we apply on our skin before, if there are out there like me who have sentiments on budget and purchasing the tested brands you want but there are times you can't, don't feel bad. Just loose up on the things your budget can't and test some brands that is more budget friendly but have a good result. As a positive note, you can always mix and match the high and low brands whenever budget comes, right? And splurge on serums of all, if not a night moisturizer helps a lot, just a tip coming from one mama here.😉 Remember it's better to apply something on rather than not. Just take in consideration that even though how good looking you are nowadays, don't be too confident on yourself and apply nothing since maintenance is the key. As we age, law of gravity exist so it's better yet to take care of our skin at an early age than to feel sorry tomorrow. Who's with me with that theory?🙋🏿

So ladies and to all moms, how do you do to feel good and attract positive thoughts within your day? In your life in particular? Since we are different from the things that we like and we have different lifestyle too, can you share some of the things how you take care of yourself that give you a bliss that are not in the list above? I also want to learn from you and you could possibly inspire others too.

Again, I appreciate your continued support in reading my essays ha ha. It's a therapeutic feeling each time I write. A good outlet that helps my inner self shift to an office work mode lady like kind of thing. It's only us who can help ourselves to feel good and to be what we want to be, right now. At this very moment in our life. 

Hugs to all,

Monday, July 17, 2017


  Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Life has been busy as of late. There's an added things I'm working out with and in time I will share it with you all. There's something about changing routine that keep me excited about and at the same time feeling drain at the end part of the day. Who's with me? I'm that kind of lady who wants to get things done, like to finish what I've started. Multi tasking if or as you call it. I don't know if that's a good point or not but what I know now is that I able to find balance within the busy hours and what could give me bliss if I want to slow it down. Like taking time off on weekends is a great way for inner peace and self care. I'm still on the process of getting use to it, and so far, loving the results.

I have been writing so much about motherhood, a day in the life and some of my personal beauty interest in between this space for a long while. Motherhood journey is so fulfilling and the hardest, but greatest job I have that I can't imagine to fulfill and to reward myself with. But let's talk about you! Yes! You only, as a person, as a lady, as a mother.

Have "emptiness" came across your mind? Don't get me wrong, but this is inline to all moms who live the life in a corporate world, nine to five jobs, traveling, excelling in their fields, did build their careers before taking care of the household. Taking care with all the household chores. by. yourself. Eventually have a nani ( praise! ) or a babysitter. Or none at all. Then life revolves.

I will be honest, though as to these day I'm living the life that I dreamed of having and that means taking care of my kids and to witness how they grow, to nurture them without the interruption of going to the required job field that I'm into before. But there are days, a part of me, sometimes, that felt like I'm stuck. That's something is missing. Does motherhood or mothering if you call it feels like these? Or do you ever felt this kind? How do you react to your feelings when these thoughts goes all over your mind?

I think there's something about productivity issue as a part of personal interest? What do you think? This is one of the reason why I started writing before. I don't think it's a postpartum issue, or maybe. I don't know. I don't ever had the chance to think it that way before. I started the blog six months after giving birth to my youngest, Iya. I think motherhood doesn't  come by losing your own self. That there's a place or a part for you to grow within your liking in terms of how your time gonna deal with it, and how will you cover yourself to grow without the hindrance in your motherhood journey.

Now I came to a point why there are mothers who graduated from college in their 50's or to be in the prime of business at their golden years. Maybe this is because they only continue what they have left behind. A part of them that has been freeze for a moment to welcome motherhood. That letting your family live to the fullest and seeing your child grow from tiny humans to the best or ( worst)  person he becomes is the most fulfilling and rewarding part that comes the journey of life. The best part. That you can't turn back. Time.

Sometimes it's always best to keep on looking for the solution than to get stuck on the problem. Don't you think so?

Time will come that everything will be alright. Good luck to us moms! May God fulfill whatever our hearts desire.

Till then,

Sunday, July 9, 2017


         Heads up for the BIG SALE of the week including Beauty, Home, Fashion and many more!! 




Ten months ago we move to our forever home and from that time on the endless popping of projects and inspirational home designs never ends. Though we are not on the boat that can easily do what we wanted in one time, as we wish, but already appreciate the progress that we did within almost a year of stay.

Slowly as months flew by we able to replace some of our old appliances and added new furnitures in between, like the bed that the husband gifted to me as a surprise on mother's day that I appreciate whole heartedly. But the one that makes me happy is the refrigerator that can fit the needs for a family of six. Anyone who loves to cook and always be in the kitchen would understand this thought, i think. It's been long overdue to have one but I'm always the one skeptical as I would rather have it when the "move" happens. And just one happy mama here that all of that orderly put into place.

And now the time comes that we get to focus on the kitchen and it will be the one major point in our home and the one that got me excited about. I've been looking forward for these day to happen since the time I stepped down to the property and glad we are on the planning stage and the lay out of prints, the first part. Though from the start I know that this improvement means a months to a year of work since budget is a big factor. But slowly as it is I'm excited and positive that the project will push through and I'm not complaining. And from time to time I will post some on instagram stories for some snaps. 

From these day forward I'm looking forward for white walls, marble slabs and open windows that goes with the kitchen interiors. There's something about white walls that got me always, so that, I wanted to incorporate to our kitchen. And, the husband approves. As a minor improvement, son1 and I are on this project together on painting our peachy beige rooms to white walls,  ( And there are so many shades of white,  I'm confused!😯 ) while he is free from school, and this mama take advantage of that time.😘 I love the idea that each of them have a role to impart, that makes our stay and memories to our forever home unforgettable.

Do any of you undergo home improvements nowadays? What kind? It is so exciting, no? But I know it also impart a lot of stress, what's the catch at your end. But somehow, it is included on the process and anyone undergo to that, right? I'm sure it will be a fulfilling sight at the end of us.

Till then

Saturday, July 1, 2017


How come it's July already? Days come too quick that when you don't take it slow there's so many moments that will be left behind. Don't you think so? The heat is still on considering Philippines is a tropical country but am glad rainy days started, atleast the headache of this lady will be gone away. Too much heat makes me sick.

On the other note, school year officially started here and it's another reason for us to adjust. Early morning wake up calls and early call for bedtime is the main key that makes the difference. It will take a month or so before our system get to adjust to the new routine, I think. It doesn't come easier as new season comes for me as a mother. Sometimes I forgot things on how I manage to adjust to the previous season and survive the beautiful "chaos" of motherhood until I pause for a while and carve an alone time, to take a deep breath and reflect. Meditate. This trick as I call it, never fails. It always help me to stand strong and to stand still. I think there's no such thing that you could "master" the craft as everyone of us have a different path to pursue and undertake. Though we only have a mission and that is to do the best we can for our children.

I listed down some notes below that personally gives me an easier balance in my day routine. I have tried and tested several things but these are only what is left that has given me much help to make life easier and to put anxiety at bay. Feel free to share yours. Motherhood is a beautiful community that unites, so anything good you say might be of help to others too, right?

1. As much as possible I do the laundry chores on a day to day basis. ( If not, succeeding day should be double loads )
2. On weekdays, our meals are cook before supper double purpose for the next day kids pack lunch. for school. However,  I'm trying these time to pack newly cook rice with it.
3. Doing as short as fifteen minutes Pilates is a sanctuary to begin my day with. 
4. Cultivating soil and a touch of greeney is within my nature so a routine with the plants helps to calm my senses.
5.  And for Friday, to say hello to the weekend we started a routine last year with the two youngest to eat out after school so they can do what they want at night. If that makes to go early to bed or to stay late at night. It's up to them, I mean it's friday, right? The bottom line is we are still having our dinner together, may it be outside or infront of our dining table at home.    
6. Alone time. May it be sipping my morning cup of coffee, going to supermarket ( which I fond to do by the way ) or a time for wellness; spa or a trip to salon. It makes me feel like I did'nt deprive myself to look and feel good eventhough my time is almost cut out on household chores. I know i don't need to elaborate on this part and you know what I mean. Don't you? Hello, self esteem!  
7. Weekdays and that means five days of multi tasking is all what is needed to be done that's why I came out to this decision to slow down on Saturdays and Sundays. All major chores will be put at bay and schedule only for weekdays. Petty things can be done on weekends but that's it! I started to tell myself to be good on my well being and take time to rest. In the first place it's hard when a mom got sick. It's proven that our home will somewhat collapse.   
Nowadays I am happy the way motherhood is to me. It now comes back to those time that it's only more on physical chaos. Like the never ending laundry that I think will forever be my kryptonite ha ha! The emotional struggles passed it's phase and I'm thankful for His guidance that gives me light and hope to those times. I know it doesn't come yet to an end since life is a roller coaster ride. But I'm grateful that He help me show the life on how to live in contentment, hope and peace even though there can be times that you're sleeping in a torn of roses. Everything in life comes easy when you surrender it all up to Him. 

And to top it all, though we all have our "struggles" and blah about our day to day but in our heart and in our mind and to our core, the passion and love never fades. That's why each one of us strive hard to reach out and unite because the spark of love is burning so strong that even struggles will not defeat us. Big hugs to all of you that is been on this journey.

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