Saturday, May 20, 2017


Last week i put the chores at bay and decided to have an early mother's day treat. Though in my mind i want to have an alone time, but in my heart, i know my day won't be complete without Iya at my side, so i asked her to go with me. We went to a place away from our regular environment, to try something new and have a little shopping. Mother's day is a good excuse to put the guilt at bay, i think. As i say,  it's always weighing down the wants versus needs with all the family priorities left. Our mother and daughter's mini date is just a perfect get away that day and we had a blast. We left the house early afternoon and just went home after dinner, both giggling as we reminisce how our day went by. A lovely way to have a pre- mother's day celebration with my mini me. I know she will still be my perfect date when i get older and gray.

Celebration is a big thing for me. I don't know the reason why but there's something about the feelings of it that i can't help myself to be happy about, or maybe, i just have a good memories about it in all forms growing up. So i've taken the feelings with me everywhere i go...the magic of memories that made me do and helps me think in a positive way, even in the middle of struggles. A celebration if lavishly made or as a form of simple act or pleasure, i'm always hooked! Are you? 

Though life changes and evolves as a wheel, i just hope that as a mother i did find my ways to let my children feel that kind of happiness and true love in celebrating our life as a family. Though it can't always be found in a fancy form but i hope that our day to day act of love in our everyday living in whatever kind it is may find home in their hearts and will leave a trace of glitters in their lives.

Belated Happy Mother's day to all of you, dearest! You are a rock in every home and you deserve to be spoiled rotten! And if not, or your family is not as cheesy as you think, you can always find ways to celebrate the occasion with them, right? Or even a day off and some me time, if you wish can do. There's always a room to find be grateful..and to make happy memories, that last.

Iya, i enjoy this  day we spend together hope you will always remember this day in your heart. i love you always. -mama


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