Thursday, April 13, 2017


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I always tell that summer is one of my favorite season aside from Christmastime and i know that my children will nod about it. Though it's really hot during these time of days, and when i say hot it means you can melt a piece of ice cube in just five minutes! It's really sweating hooot and thankful for the one who invented aircondition that calm your nerves for not having a heat stroke. But this is the life and the idea of tropical living during these time. And over all, you dream and plan about outdoor activities, swimming and going to the beach, and the best part is spending quality time with families and love ones.

Planning getaways with the eldest who's now an adult is not as easy as they are five years ago. Little by little they have some sort of plan and beginning to have a life of their own. Still thankful though that we still live in the same roof and have no plan yet of moving. Halleluyah! ( you know what it means to a mama's heart when that time comes. ) That's what i love most with filipino traditions, there is enough time to be together and bonded the family ties even more. That theory makes me and the husband happy and will have a room for us to accept until the time they do a life of their own. Nevertheless, love that i can see the glow in their eyes, the happiness and excitement whenever we talk and plan on things. Still.

I do love little get aways and cherish them in our memory box but i think the routine in our day to day is more important part. I still remember when i was young, cleaning the dishes while humming or singing is my favorite thing to do. Aside from playing in our yard, catching dragon flies or even picking camias fruits while my mommy is clearing the weeds, watering the plants or hanging fresh laundry clothes. Even going to the wet market early in the morning while goods are still fresh delivered by the farmer is my favorite thing to do. After then my papa and I will cook together if he is home. I appreciate whenever we have time spend together, and maybe the reason why cooking is not a chore or task for me at all. It also broadened my vocabulary that cooking is a definition of love made from scratch. A beautiful nostalgic memories flashing back on me each time. That's a part of my sweetest memories growing up and i noticed that a big part of my routine today covers all that. I really love the art of slow living, maybe that's the influence of the countryside where i live in growing up, aside from the people around me then that i will forever cherish and love.

Early summer i let Iya plant the seeds. We replenish some packet and added some too in between. I am excited that we can able to add a little vegetables in our yard. Even though our garden spot is small, i love the idea that we can able to plant other vegetables aside from herbs and tomatoes. There's nothing better than able to eat fresh produce coming from your own garden, right? And also, picking time is always a favorite thing to do. Though we start small, we are looking forward to experience a good harvest but if not, the experience itself makes our summer time so worth it. But if lucky enough i can let Iya harvest fresh produce direct from the garden aside from cherry tomatoes, her favorite.

So day by day i love the idea of visiting our plants. It makes me giddy every time and burst my heart in  joy seeing flower buds and sprouting seeds. The chirping of the birds while having my cup of coffee in the morning is like a sanctuary to my ears. It always reminds me of the time i visited the church. How rad to think that birds also like yards and churches. Maybe they do reflect and pray too like us.

Nowadays i can say that i am a lady,  physical changes happens on me day by day i think. Like a transition of leaves. Gosh! But i am ready and accepted that fact that it will happen one day, and that day comes. But, i appreciate and love where i am at right now at this point of my life. Looking back 25 years ago or so, just thinking about what i wanted then in life. And today, i can say that i am living on it. I remember then that i did not dream of being rich but just to have a complete and happy family. Just like career, it put a lot of hard work, passion, dedication, love and perseverance to achieve it. Whatever you want in life started with a dream, right? Then to set a goal is important to achieve it. Struggles, pains, and happiness come and go, and the biggest weapon above all is faith to overcome all to find joy. It's the only one that can give you real peace of mind that you can't buy, even how rich and famous you are. 

Have a meaningful week to all.

Till then.

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