Monday, March 6, 2017


Hi to all, it's been ages! I never knew I will come back to write here once again but maybe life brings you back to where it should be, right? So how's life going on so far?

Pardon for the sudden missing in action for years, but life gets me to some things that needs my time to be focused on most, and that is motherhood. I may not be here writing but I find instagram as my outlet to post for a quick daily snaps and do some instablog as well. For those of my friends there that's also from here, of course you did not miss me ha ha ha! My apology for the long post, as usual, I just cant help myself sometimes, ummm yes! maybe most of the times. I always wanted to write things about motherhood that I think I am most dedicated to doing these days, and I hope to tackle and share some things over here too as days goes by. Maybe one or many of us can relate from certain topic or situation and can help each other to sort things out, right? 

But of course there's still a room for beauty, those anti-aging, firming and lifting topic, WANT! And a part of lifestyle as well.

Anyway for those who doesn't have instagram , is there anyone left? expect me to visit your pages so I can refresh from where I left. But for those who have, I am pleased to tell you that I am very much updated ha ha. Maybe I comment to some - or not, but i totally know whats happening. 

If you have noticed I changed the header for a fresh start, nothing fancy, just in time for the comeback ha ha. How do you find the new look? 

I think I will pause and stop from here, till my next post friends. If you can feel my energy right now, I am very happy to start talking, I mean writing again, I just wish you can see the smile on my face. 

Till then,

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