Tuesday, March 21, 2017


                                 Our  home runs on love, laughter and lots of strong coffee.

Sometimes things happened in an expected way and God surprise us with a gift that is beyond what we prayed for. Last quarter of last year we have an answered prayer and got the key to our new home. No more renting guys and it felt sooo good. I can't thank Him enough for the wonderful shelter He instore for us. Just a reminder that good things comes to those who wait and prayers can move mountains. Just keep on talking to Him and be specific on your prayers and He will make a way to make it happen. Really.

We  love the surroundings here in Rizal and we don't want to leave since our kids grew up here, we love the fact that we live in the city but just like living in the province at the same time with all the variety of trees covering the ground and birds chirping in the yards. A bonus part that market, schools, church and other primary establishments are within reach too.

A little back track, our landlord then gave us six months notice to leave the apartment, then extended it to a year for her personal reason. We take it as an advantage on our part so we can decide on what we should do next. The process of house hunting is an exciting part but stressful at the same time. First, we need to find a property that is ready for occupancy. Having four children and two studying in college, we think it's not practical to rent while the unit is under construction. So we must find one that is readily available at the market until we move in.

There are a few model units that we like and some we really love but unfortunately, some of them are already taken and some are not yet open for sale until most of the unit is sold. Disappointments and excitements come and go while in the process, but it's overwhelming to see pretty houses and interiors, as well as adorable neighborhood with pretty gardens along the road. Our house hunting runs a month I think before finding the right one and we ended up being a second owner of a four years old home. I looove how the morning light beams the first time we entered the property and we knew then in our heart that it will be the one. A bonus part that we don't need to fix anything before moving in since the previous owner maintain the house well. A good deal isn't it? But one of the many reasons why we push the hit button is the back kitchen. ( kitchen, a happy place! ) I already envision our kitchen plan the first time I saw it, though still need a lot of work  but the size and the lay out is just perfect for what we are looking for and functionable as it is. And from there the story goes...

Starting from there we are all nesting. It's hard to sink in that you wake up in the morning and can't believe we have a house of our own after all those years of waiting. A home that will be filled with so much love and compassion. A place that will let all the walls hear our voices and laughter and so our sentiments. A place aside from us will know the details of our life and a place that be filled with memories of our family. A place where my children will keep coming back in the future because they know we are home waiting for them anytime, until we are old and gray.

Life is full of surprises, there comes a time that our journey here and there is not align the way we wanted it to be, but don't not give up! Instead, make a way to find joy even in the darkest times because before you knew it, you find the greatest lessons in life dealing with all the struggles. Just hold on and have faith, and an abundance of blessing overflows next.

This is one of the greatest blessings that will gonna keep us from being grateful everyday of our lives. It's not an easy thing to acquire for us but the wait is so worth it. Shelter is one of the gift we want to share to our family, a gift to our kids and forever be grateful that we are now here starting to dig and make memories. Thank you friends for letting me share this journey with you. It's just that I find this journal a part of my outlet  from the very start and a way to boost positive thoughts since it all started when I try to find a new perspective in the new chapter of my personal life.

What's the story behind your home? Will you mind to share? You can leave the link below and will be happy to visit. 

Till then.

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