Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Fillers and Botox are the most common words you can hear these days in the beauty industry or even to a group of individuals. Botox started here not long time ago but fillers is the new cosmetics procedure that's been done lately by so many, or maybe there's a new one now, as clinics pop up like a mushroom in this field. But ask of me who always infatuated by beauty and an old schooler, I never thought before that the one smiling back at me or the artist that I've been a fan of looking done that kind until some persons I know enlighten me on that part, on how to trace a person who undergo a procedure.

I have nothing against it to begin with. I respected individuals who come out with their decision in doing so. For me, it's a major decision that all the pros and cons must be needed to think of. It's a way to show how you lift yourself and have (more) self confidence. But everyone of us is entitled to our own opinions, right?And these are mine. There comes a time when in circle of friends this topic was brought up. My share is, as long as it can be done in quality and by the doctor that you believe in and you know you will be in good hands with, that's fine. I don't think that  changing or enhancing your look must come in cheap, right?  So if you have a second thought, don't. Second, it must be you in the first place who really wanted it and no ( oh come on can I still use the word "peer pressure" at our age? ) one push you or if  just want to jump on the bandwagon instead you must think of it a lot of times first. To begin with, this is your physical look and if the change can notice by you, expect others might notice it too, right? So you need to accept the fact that there's a positive and negative reaction. So do a lot of paperworks, research and recommendations. A trusted and reputable institution should be the first step to think of. Like having a luxury items in your closet, it's not mostly about the brand, but all about the quality and craftmanship that tag along with it. And before you decide for consultation, make sure that you know what you want because before you knew it, you will leave the clinic with lack of self confidence. The conversation only left you with low self esteem and feeling humiliated because looks like all of your being must need to be improve suddenly and not only the part that you consult in. I know some who experience this kind of conversation and to tell you, it doesn't help a lot on them either. It only left them feel a bit insecure in their current look and some are indenial at first then comes the tendency that they want to try the procedure, then go on and on and on.

Eventhough at this point of time where I able to see fine lines in my forehead and some lines around the eye area I'm not yet in the process of considering botox or fillers, not yet. At 43, I think I have yet to explore on a lot of skincare in the market or a non invasive treatment before considering one, or if I will able to let myself consider the procedure in the future. I have a bunchful of skincare list that still want to try if budget could only fulfill my longing. So I think that's still be my agenda for the years to come. If some of you may agree but I still believe in the process of taking good care of your skin at an early age and when I mean early atleast 18 onwards, that's when I started. But I encourage young ones to apply sunblock as early as possible to prevent the future pigmentation before it appears, most to those who always stay outdoors. A bonus part is that if you have good genes, be thankful for your parents for that. As always prevention is the key and your old self will thank you for doing so. Calling young ones who's at this time showered with natural beauty, fresh and alluring, just a piece of advice. Don't under estimate the process of maintenance and taking good care of your skin in three easy steps in everyday of your life. If you don't before you know it, gravity will hit you and the only remaining solution is a plastic surgery. Not even a bunchful of skincare and make up will help a sagging skin to look good. And maybe even the dermatologist/ surgeon will have an easier job if their client is the one who undergo maintenance rather than the one who doesn't. We should always bear in mind that they are doctors who still rely on the current skin condition, they are good and excell in their fields but they are not a magician if someone think so, so anyone who wants to undergo a certain procedure in the future will still need to have some routinary skincare maintenance, it's still the main key.

But above all there's no beauty without having an inner peace of mind. It's like a sunbeam that will overflow in your entire being and the physical look will only help you to glow a lot better if you are taking good care at it.

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