Thursday, March 30, 2017


Dry cool months lasted, no more layering of clothes and cold breezy air. We are back to the normal tropical heat as we flip this month's calendar. Blooms is everywhere here now, how about at your end? The prettiest month for nature lover like me to witness flowers in different colors and varieties as well as emerald green color of bushes and trees. Kids started early in their school vacation this time and are all excited for our summer get away. As for this mama just feeling thankful for a couple of hours adjustment, a big help for my physical body not to wake up as early as five in the morning. Halleluyah!

Though we are all adjusting in our new routine as the summer month unfolds but rejoicing at the same time since we able to finished one school calendar year with flying colors, So to reward ourselves with all the hard work, we are excited one early weekend and tossed our things up and head to a swimming party. Kids loves to swim so much and they are all looking forward for days like these added to our itinerary every summer, are you? For me I enjoy it accompany by a nature walk, grilling, lounging and just, eat! that's what picnics and swimming are for, right?

Now for the resort, I just can't believe we started exploring resorts in the area just last year when we are looking for a nearby place to celebrate son1's birthday. We enjoy our day so much that we plan to come back then to explore the place more. Bosay is a huge resort with different types of swimming pool; therapy, salt water and even olympic size pool to name a few. We just stay there for a day swimming but they also offer cottages for those who want to stay overnight and even private pool if you are into it. A great place for the whole family who want to relax and unwind after a busy week. We all know that it's an exciting part to plan ahead and go explore a place far away from home but once in a while I do appreciate a nearby santuary for an impromptu rejuvenation without the fuss.

Summer days is just started, the beginning of new memories to cherish. One of the many memorable mini vacation and celebration in our family fall on this season. How about you? How do you celebrate spring and / or summer? 

Happy vacation! 

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