Thursday, March 30, 2017


Dry cool months lasted, no more layering of clothes and cold breezy air. We are back to the normal tropical heat as we flip this month's calendar. Blooms is everywhere here now, how about at your end? The prettiest month for nature lover like me to witness flowers in different colors and varieties as well as emerald green color of bushes and trees. Kids started early in their school vacation this time and are all excited for our summer get away. As for this mama just feeling thankful for a couple of hours adjustment, a big help for my physical body not to wake up as early as five in the morning. Halleluyah!

Though we are all adjusting in our new routine as the summer month unfolds but rejoicing at the same time since we able to finished one school calendar year with flying colors, So to reward ourselves with all the hard work, we are excited one early weekend and tossed our things up and head to a swimming party. Kids loves to swim so much and they are all looking forward for days like these added to our itinerary every summer, are you? For me I enjoy it accompany by a nature walk, grilling, lounging and just, eat! that's what picnics and swimming are for, right?

Now for the resort, I just can't believe we started exploring resorts in the area just last year when we are looking for a nearby place to celebrate son1's birthday. We enjoy our day so much that we plan to come back then to explore the place more. Bosay is a huge resort with different types of swimming pool; therapy, salt water and even olympic size pool to name a few. We just stay there for a day swimming but they also offer cottages for those who want to stay overnight and even private pool if you are into it. A great place for the whole family who want to relax and unwind after a busy week. We all know that it's an exciting part to plan ahead and go explore a place far away from home but once in a while I do appreciate a nearby santuary for an impromptu rejuvenation without the fuss.

Summer days is just started, the beginning of new memories to cherish. One of the many memorable mini vacation and celebration in our family fall on this season. How about you? How do you celebrate spring and / or summer? 

Happy vacation! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


                                 Our  home runs on love, laughter and lots of strong coffee.

Sometimes things happened in an expected way and God surprise us with a gift that is beyond what we prayed for. Last quarter of last year we have an answered prayer and got the key to our new home. No more renting guys and it felt sooo good. I can't thank Him enough for the wonderful shelter He instore for us. Just a reminder that good things comes to those who wait and prayers can move mountains. Just keep on talking to Him and be specific on your prayers and He will make a way to make it happen. Really.

We  love the surroundings here in Rizal and we don't want to leave since our kids grew up here, we love the fact that we live in the city but just like living in the province at the same time with all the variety of trees covering the ground and birds chirping in the yards. A bonus part that market, schools, church and other primary establishments are within reach too.

A little back track, our landlord then gave us six months notice to leave the apartment, then extended it to a year for her personal reason. We take it as an advantage on our part so we can decide on what we should do next. The process of house hunting is an exciting part but stressful at the same time. First, we need to find a property that is ready for occupancy. Having four children and two studying in college, we think it's not practical to rent while the unit is under construction. So we must find one that is readily available at the market until we move in.

There are a few model units that we like and some we really love but unfortunately, some of them are already taken and some are not yet open for sale until most of the unit is sold. Disappointments and excitements come and go while in the process, but it's overwhelming to see pretty houses and interiors, as well as adorable neighborhood with pretty gardens along the road. Our house hunting runs a month I think before finding the right one and we ended up being a second owner of a four years old home. I looove how the morning light beams the first time we entered the property and we knew then in our heart that it will be the one. A bonus part that we don't need to fix anything before moving in since the previous owner maintain the house well. A good deal isn't it? But one of the many reasons why we push the hit button is the back kitchen. ( kitchen, a happy place! ) I already envision our kitchen plan the first time I saw it, though still need a lot of work  but the size and the lay out is just perfect for what we are looking for and functionable as it is. And from there the story goes...

Starting from there we are all nesting. It's hard to sink in that you wake up in the morning and can't believe we have a house of our own after all those years of waiting. A home that will be filled with so much love and compassion. A place that will let all the walls hear our voices and laughter and so our sentiments. A place aside from us will know the details of our life and a place that be filled with memories of our family. A place where my children will keep coming back in the future because they know we are home waiting for them anytime, until we are old and gray.

Life is full of surprises, there comes a time that our journey here and there is not align the way we wanted it to be, but don't not give up! Instead, make a way to find joy even in the darkest times because before you knew it, you find the greatest lessons in life dealing with all the struggles. Just hold on and have faith, and an abundance of blessing overflows next.

This is one of the greatest blessings that will gonna keep us from being grateful everyday of our lives. It's not an easy thing to acquire for us but the wait is so worth it. Shelter is one of the gift we want to share to our family, a gift to our kids and forever be grateful that we are now here starting to dig and make memories. Thank you friends for letting me share this journey with you. It's just that I find this journal a part of my outlet  from the very start and a way to boost positive thoughts since it all started when I try to find a new perspective in the new chapter of my personal life.

What's the story behind your home? Will you mind to share? You can leave the link below and will be happy to visit. 

Till then.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Fillers and Botox are the most common words you can hear these days in the beauty industry or even to a group of individuals. Botox started here not long time ago but fillers is the new cosmetics procedure that's been done lately by so many, or maybe there's a new one now, as clinics pop up like a mushroom in this field. But ask of me who always infatuated by beauty and an old schooler, I never thought before that the one smiling back at me or the artist that I've been a fan of looking done that kind until some persons I know enlighten me on that part, on how to trace a person who undergo a procedure.

I have nothing against it to begin with. I respected individuals who come out with their decision in doing so. For me, it's a major decision that all the pros and cons must be needed to think of. It's a way to show how you lift yourself and have (more) self confidence. But everyone of us is entitled to our own opinions, right?And these are mine. There comes a time when in circle of friends this topic was brought up. My share is, as long as it can be done in quality and by the doctor that you believe in and you know you will be in good hands with, that's fine. I don't think that  changing or enhancing your look must come in cheap, right?  So if you have a second thought, don't. Second, it must be you in the first place who really wanted it and no ( oh come on can I still use the word "peer pressure" at our age? ) one push you or if  just want to jump on the bandwagon instead you must think of it a lot of times first. To begin with, this is your physical look and if the change can notice by you, expect others might notice it too, right? So you need to accept the fact that there's a positive and negative reaction. So do a lot of paperworks, research and recommendations. A trusted and reputable institution should be the first step to think of. Like having a luxury items in your closet, it's not mostly about the brand, but all about the quality and craftmanship that tag along with it. And before you decide for consultation, make sure that you know what you want because before you knew it, you will leave the clinic with lack of self confidence. The conversation only left you with low self esteem and feeling humiliated because looks like all of your being must need to be improve suddenly and not only the part that you consult in. I know some who experience this kind of conversation and to tell you, it doesn't help a lot on them either. It only left them feel a bit insecure in their current look and some are indenial at first then comes the tendency that they want to try the procedure, then go on and on and on.

Eventhough at this point of time where I able to see fine lines in my forehead and some lines around the eye area I'm not yet in the process of considering botox or fillers, not yet. At 43, I think I have yet to explore on a lot of skincare in the market or a non invasive treatment before considering one, or if I will able to let myself consider the procedure in the future. I have a bunchful of skincare list that still want to try if budget could only fulfill my longing. So I think that's still be my agenda for the years to come. If some of you may agree but I still believe in the process of taking good care of your skin at an early age and when I mean early atleast 18 onwards, that's when I started. But I encourage young ones to apply sunblock as early as possible to prevent the future pigmentation before it appears, most to those who always stay outdoors. A bonus part is that if you have good genes, be thankful for your parents for that. As always prevention is the key and your old self will thank you for doing so. Calling young ones who's at this time showered with natural beauty, fresh and alluring, just a piece of advice. Don't under estimate the process of maintenance and taking good care of your skin in three easy steps in everyday of your life. If you don't before you know it, gravity will hit you and the only remaining solution is a plastic surgery. Not even a bunchful of skincare and make up will help a sagging skin to look good. And maybe even the dermatologist/ surgeon will have an easier job if their client is the one who undergo maintenance rather than the one who doesn't. We should always bear in mind that they are doctors who still rely on the current skin condition, they are good and excell in their fields but they are not a magician if someone think so, so anyone who wants to undergo a certain procedure in the future will still need to have some routinary skincare maintenance, it's still the main key.

But above all there's no beauty without having an inner peace of mind. It's like a sunbeam that will overflow in your entire being and the physical look will only help you to glow a lot better if you are taking good care at it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Weekend is just a breath away and glad i survived until today. Been busy going out and about lately and it's hard to cope up to a new routine when you are stuck in an old routine for quite sometime. It's like being in a vacation then going back to the real world.

I have four children, two daughters and two sons, a refreshing start to all.

Being away from writing focus me on a new chapter of motherhood, in raising a teenagers. I have two teenagers then, now already an adult in their early twenties and one left who's almost sixteen years old young man. If you're a mom who gave birth to a lovely child, a mother who chase to a toddler, or a mama who drop their kids to school. In these early stage of motherhood that we are the one who rules, we can control situation the way we can. We are the one who plans for the important events in their life, ( think of all the kiddie parties ) the one who thinks of a good education at an early stage, signing them up for school activities, summer programs and the like because these are all what we want for them in the end, a good life. As I always tell to all the circles i'm involve in that in these kind of phase that the physical aspect is more involve in daily living. The chapter in moms life that one become physically drain in some point with all of the daily activities. But at the end of the day while staring at your baby, the joy and grace sinks in, it's a priceless journey and you're still willing to give the very best in raising them in succeeding days of your life, right? It's the same feeling of genuine love and care though when they grow up entering their teenage years, but a lot of things is different and one need to brave her skills because raising a teenager feels like you will be in a battle field. Physical aspects now is set aside because at this point of time you master already the routine and now comes the emotional sideto handle. Are you ready or not? you don't have a choice anyway. Now comes a time that you don't know what's coming and a mom should need all the weapons that she got. Think of all the values you've learned growing up until you became a mom because in some point that matters ,if not will help you a lot. And so do prayers and a lot of carving time for reflection.

In transition of teenage years a mom should be aware that children grow and when we say grow there are certain changes, the one can be control and can't be control - i can tell now that  an "out of control" phrase happens when children in their teenage years learn to make their own decision. A decision that you may or not agreed on. I have a hard time coping with late night outs, curfew is strictly implemented in our home. They should inform me in advance about their errands and will allow them, I am good with that but strictly, no impromptu getaway. You will hear a no word and don't push me, and you will hear me roar. Yes, that's me and you will hear my why's, an explanation is properly tackled upon for them to understand. Added that cellphone should always be on, then text or answer if needed. That is a rule that everyone must comply and discipline must be implemented. I don't think I deprive them to grow or to socialize to that extent but i only want to secure their safety. And i don't think going out late at night is the only reason in learning to grow- that will come in  latter day of their life, but not today, not yet. I'm a believer of having a good education first. To focus on their studies before anything. In the real world today that everybody is not entitled to have a good education, "having fun" should come later in life , priority matters first. But then again not everybody can understand the "law" and not all is a law abiding children. From there comes the parenting skills and test you must undergo.

Compromise. This word. Tsk. When things are not falling into place it's the first thing a parent should probably think of is to sit down, make a serious talk and look how things would turn out. But then again how far will you go if compromise doesn't work? It's a struggle, right? The most if you think that you will not be in situation you are in. Advil ( it's a medication ) will be your pal for quite some time, a headache at it's best, I tell you. Comes along side prayers cause you can't do it alone. In this situation you will feel grateful that you have a husband or anybody that close to your heart is there that can help you analyze. Yes, brainstorming makes a major part.

With all the situation and scenarios that come and go, then comes acceptance. That what you only want is the best for your children but there's some point that the path you wanted them to lead will not come out the route they wanted it to be, but the outcome will be as the same goals as yours. "So the word loosen up a bit" true happens in some point.

Realization comes in every situation, then you will come to a conclusion that we all wanted to raise good humans and we wanted them to succeed but as always, things might not happen the way we all wanted it to be or as plan. Mind setting and thinking in one direction will not help in some point either but only trigger to harden the situation. But I don't think that positive outlook will come to put at bay cause as you able to learn to compromise, accept and realize, guidance plays a major role for children. Maybe there come a time they don't do what we wanted them to do but in their heart and
mind, whether they like it or not- they listen,  all of the guidance are put in their mind and subconcious mind. All the words you spit out have a place in their hearts as well as the values that we taught them from the very start. Just don't give up. A mother's heart is pure, maybe she shed tears, become tired in some point but always willing to  give the very best for the sake of her love ones and that is her children. Pure love really hurts, right? I also fall into realizing that fear plays a major part in some point of raising a teenager while they are in the transition years. Some of us or personally in my time that I forgot to tell myself that they grow and they will have a mind of their own. I used to teach and train them then on how will they able to tackle life in the future but I forgot to tell myself that my kids is not a kid anymore, they are already teenagers nearing adult who now learn to think and do decision of their own and wouldn't let themselves to be harm or get hurt. So to trust them is important so they could learn to fly and we then becomes a wings beneath their wings. It's not an easy decision or a journey to that extent knowing how traditional mom I am, but it's an experience in the life of motherhood that we should need to embrace and somehow able to dance in the rain.

I know like lifestyle, mothering are all have different forms in raising our children but in general,  our heart remains the same. I would love to know a piece of your story on how you deal things. Sometimes while reflecting, moral lift helps a lot knowing that there's one among the others who makes a harder times than you do and will come to realize how grateful you are and it will help one boost to go on in the next day of mothering a teenager in what kind of situation they are in.

I only read this article last month and i wish i could read a lot more like that a years way back. Maybe situation would be a bit different then. I would like to share it to those who find themselves in the same field of fear and situation as I am in before. I hope through that article you will find your mothering path a bit more lighter, and easier to handle.

I want to salute all moms who made this far in raising and molding an individual. It's not an easy task, building a career that you can control things out the way you wanted is a loooong way different than dealing with parenting in raising humans. It's a lifetime commitment and I want to give you a trophy! For those who find their self guilty, don't be! As long as you know you do it all the way the best that you can just hang in there, prayer is the key.  Let me part this super long post of mine by hoping and praying to grant us mothers for whatever our hearts desire, for the benefit of our children.


Monday, March 6, 2017


Hi to all, it's been ages! I never knew I will come back to write here once again but maybe life brings you back to where it should be, right? So how's life going on so far?

Pardon for the sudden missing in action for years, but life gets me to some things that needs my time to be focused on most, and that is motherhood. I may not be here writing but I find instagram as my outlet to post for a quick daily snaps and do some instablog as well. For those of my friends there that's also from here, of course you did not miss me ha ha ha! My apology for the long post, as usual, I just cant help myself sometimes, ummm yes! maybe most of the times. I always wanted to write things about motherhood that I think I am most dedicated to doing these days, and I hope to tackle and share some things over here too as days goes by. Maybe one or many of us can relate from certain topic or situation and can help each other to sort things out, right? 

But of course there's still a room for beauty, those anti-aging, firming and lifting topic, WANT! And a part of lifestyle as well.

Anyway for those who doesn't have instagram , is there anyone left? expect me to visit your pages so I can refresh from where I left. But for those who have, I am pleased to tell you that I am very much updated ha ha. Maybe I comment to some - or not, but i totally know whats happening. 

If you have noticed I changed the header for a fresh start, nothing fancy, just in time for the comeback ha ha. How do you find the new look? 

I think I will pause and stop from here, till my next post friends. If you can feel my energy right now, I am very happy to start talking, I mean writing again, I just wish you can see the smile on my face. 

Till then,

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