Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Weekend Brings : Holy Week // Easter Sunday

Holy week is a part of the holidays that i'm looking forward for. It's the time of the year when you usually comeback to your own town and visit one province to witness the traditions that the locals usually do, sometimes it's the perfect time to go to a place where one could make a reflection. Somewhere quiet and peaceful.

For us we stay put in our home and watch religious movies as one of the pass ons family traditions. An afternoon visit to church is a normal itenerary within the whole week round. It's a good thought how to encourage my children to know God more and to make him the center of their life at a young age most especially in a season like this. For the weekend we went to visit my in laws. The kids always looking forward for the time like these that they could bond with their cousins.

On Sunday itself we went on a road trip to Pampanga. The place is a well known for wooden crafts. From furnitures to home displays and interiors, name it and they have it. My jaw in some point drops when i saw some items that i love. For some of you know that i am interested anything made of woods and bringing home some items to be added into my slowly growing collection is overwhelming. Kids and hubby also have an interest to go somewhere in the vicinity, so planning a trip is like a combo deal for all of us. Lunch made in one of a burger and mexican joint as we pass on the road. It is a split of decision of what food to eat but glad to make a comeback to this resto as we all requested to hubby. We truly have the best time.

Going home at dawn and attended an evening mass makes our easter sunday more meaningful.

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