Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Far from Home // Tagaytay

A bit left behind with some of my post, three kids are in vacation from school and life is a bit "crazy" and more busier these days around our home.

Last month same day after Gabriel's graduation, we hit the road and do a family trip out of town. We decided to do it outdoor since kids wanted a different scenery aside from going to the mall. It's been a while since the last time we head south bound. As i remember, the last time we went there is when Jenille is at her secondary level and now two of my elders are in college, that long! We have lots of memories made as a family in Tagaytay. We use to bring food then and have some barbeque. A family outing at the picnic grove while looking at the view of Taal Volcano and feel th breeze of the cold wind.

Now it's a bit different...

There are lot of new establishment, residential condominium restaurants here and there so with new place for family to visit. But along the road we used to do what the fun road tripping is all about. Stopping at our favorite food shops at Mazapan's sweets and then we went for the new one that we need to taste, at Rowena's. We are also excited to see the pineapple farm and the botanical gardens. When we headed to our destination which is at the skyranch, kids are excited for playtime here, in a new location and in a nature view scenery at Taal lake. We have the best time and till there until night time where we enjoyed most of the cold freezing weather. The temperature is extreme when we're there, too hot in the afternoon but breezy and cold in the evening.

So the hours pass at night and we need to go. We even not crossed the next town yet and the kids already fall asleep. Again, a good and memorable day we have for Allen's celebration of his graduation day. When the kids are asleep and while hubby's driving, we took the moment for us to talk and bond, that's the best time for ourselves, talk and reminisce what a great day we have while sipping our coffee.

Road trip is always best for us and we love the memories in every inch that we gather.

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