Sunday, April 27, 2014

Far from Home // Subic Zambales

The trip was talked and plan ahead but no exact date was been made. My daughter Jenille was the one giving me and hubby a suggestions of place that we should explore and i appreciate her effort for it. Since we can't go on further, Subic Zambales is the best place hubby and i considered as our summer family roadtrip adventure.

Along the road is like making a flashback the first time, Gabriel my youngest son is only two years old the last time we're there, and now he's twelve, that long huh! The place is also like an educational field trip to the younger ones since it has been a u.s. military bases until the early part of the '90's. Some establishment and buildings have been well taken care of and some of them still operating up to now like the royal duty free. I think one of the reason why we choose to be there is the cleanliness of the place aside from a well discipline environment. The forestry have been preserve so you can feel the nature breeze while passing along and we all decided to open our window so each one can feel the fresh air. We even stop a while at awe with the monkeys, some passing through the road, some like having a general assembly, and the one i captured looks like he just wanted to be himself. We really have fun looking at them.

As we came to our destination is a breathtaking moment. Iya was so excited back and fourth to the seashore line, a first time beach babe and i love how the feeling of excitement overflowing on her face. We all soak up to the water and enjoy each wave splashing to our body. The giggling sound is endless while having a pretty good time that moment. A bonus part that the place have a live band at night so we catch up and have a dinner to one of the bar, enjoy sumptuous food while enjoying the beat. My kids can relate to some new beats and i love that i able to catch up too when they do some retro songs, oh my! Am i that old?! Well it's something that we all laugh about but i appreciate when i heard some new wave songs that hubby and i can relate about, with some dance moves along. That's a fun family night.

Going somewhere is like a whole new world. The trip did all good to our mind and soul. It made us more close as a family. Sometimes going through a non routinary scheme is the best remedy to each one of us.

There's more to explore on the place but time is not enough. I hope we can able to go back sometime and explore more. Subic Zambales is a place that one trip is not enough. A sure place that our family made a memories to last and love to talk each time. The best time.

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