Thursday, March 20, 2014

SNAPS - Sunday Fun Day

1.We came across an event for Philippine Army tribute, a lot of portraits, the army themselves with sort of program and memorabilias and enjoy hearing good songs and some beats along our way.
2. Love seeing my kids walking infront of us. There's an overwhelming emotion inside me that i can't express somehow.
3. Iya enjoy most of the day walking, running, playing and chatting with some of her new "friends". Miss congeniality she is.
4.We then stop by by this Thor inspired man. At first we thought it's an statue but then he moves, that's what we know he's for real. A center of attraction to many passers by.
5. Somewhat thrilled and exhausted, she sat down for a while and ask me to take her a photo.
6. Inspired by an art exhibit, this two took more time going through each and every painting that they saw, then dropping some insights about it too.
7. There's nothing even better for Iya to be at his daddy's arms, mostly when she is tired.
8. A picture of them altogether complete our sunday funday outdoor activities. My pot of gold. A worth treasure to keep.


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