Sunday, March 2, 2014

Round Up : February

And February ended. March is on the hook now and summer time is around the corner. Kids are planning and planning about the summer get aways as heat becomes warmer. But what i love most  about the concept is the adventure behind it. The experience and memories, a treasure to keep. Always.

February is such a fun treat. Quite romantic in that sense since Valentine's day is on it and we did a little about crafting for our dad here. Aside from that, what i personally like most is i already decided which bag to choose as i post here and love to think that i will have it on my doorstep before second quarter ended or the least, at early part of third quarter. So near yet so far! Though i am eager and excited, it's fine to wait ( as i don't have an option ) as long as i know this year i will have it. Yay! Pardon me for the emotion, it's just the mom-girl stuff which made me happy and i just can't help it.

Above all, thankful that I able to do more about reflections. thinking about the important things and appreciate life even in the smallest sense. It makes life more easier to handle.

So what are you up to since summer is around the corner? Any itenerary to share? Would love to hear!


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