Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello Summer

Yesterday was officially the start of summer! I can feel the intense heat of the sun when Iya and I went to town. We had 34 degrees as of yesterday and for sure temperature rise up as the season goes through. We celebrate the day by going to our local starbucks store and ordered iced coffee instead of the usual cafe latte. A good start to beat the heat.

I am really excited whenever summer time comes. Why? Because we only have two seasons, rainy and sunny, and i go with the latter. Though i must admit, i am a homebody, but this is an exception. Summer season is one of filipino culture wherein extended family and friends get together and reunited with each other. A family trip going to places where you can explore and see new things, preferably going to resorts to many. Most of the time, a reunion wherein each family member or a friend brings pot luck of foods that they share over a happy conversation. If not, a treat provided by a family member or a friend too. A really good time to have an adventure and happy moments to share with someone who are all dear to our hearts.

Hope you start enjoying yours this weekend. Till next time.


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