Monday, March 10, 2014

Beauty : Summer Beauty Essentials Part 1

I decided to do a post regarding my beauty must have this season. Some of the products below are what i currently using nowadays, some items are yet to be deliver. I love reading articles about beauty essential's that keeps me reminded how to take care of the skin, not only in the face but for the whole body as well.

Face and body Sunblock
Due to heat now almost all engaged in sunblock though most of the time we uses it on a normal daily basis as often as we could. A beauty consultant who is a friend of mine told me before that to have a flawless skin, sunblock is the key. The earlier you got into the routine, the better would the skin will benefit, result would be even better. Never forget to have it available in your vanity kit. As an add on, early usage avoid skin discolaration and melasma. Avoid direct sun exposure eventhough you apply, a re application should be done if you are expose directly to the sun most especially in time of summer season. Those are some of the words she taught me that i never really forget up to now.

Body Scrub
Though it's a routine to wash off dead skin one to twice a week, sometimes due to lack of time for long bath, i normally do it only once. When summer is up, i tend to stick to my schedule and do a scrub twice a week. Coffee scrub is one of my favorite, i sometimes do my own or even buy one from the store. It has an anti ageing benefit that helps lessen the appearance of cellulites. A great choice most importantly if you tend to be a beach babe this summer. Wot woot!

Do your own :
3-4 tbsp used coffee grounds
I tsp olive oil
1 calamansi juice and/or 2 drops of lemon juice

Mix and apply to the whole body in a circular motion. Apply body butter or oil afterwards to bring back moisture lost due to scrubbing.

A good brightening moisturiser and radiant serum works well for me. Suits best as i live in tropical country where heat is up all through out the year. And for that i always used moisturiser with spf. Again it helps to moisturise the skin due to heat that cause dryness. Also to avoid and prevent sun spots due to damage of frequent outdoor exposure. It also helps the skin to bring back moisture loss most especially if you are planning to be frequently at the beach this season. For combination skin like me, lotion and gel type works well, much lighter to apply. Knowing your current skin type helps a lot for proper balance and nourishment of the skin.

Water mist
Now that the heat is up, it's refreshing to have mist at your totes or within reach. Not only it refreshes the skin but also helps make up to stay longer without having to re apply frequently. I also heard and read that it's also a great help for those who are in cold climate since it brings back the ph level of the skin.

Lip balm
My lip chaps in cold and hot season so I always have mine with me. One of my favorite color is the rhubarb, it not only nourishes but leaves a tint to your pout as well. A good alternative to my normal lipstick usage and much lighter to use. Carmex also is a long time favorite that i always used as a base before applying lipstick.

Hair Care
As i take care of my mane in cold season, at most for summer. Too much sun exposure tends my hair to get dry and frizzy. This oil is my mane's bestfriend for long. It helps my hair to become soft and nourished.
Tip: normally i used to put an oil before bedtime as an intensive treatment or 30-45 minutes before i will take a bath if ever i forgot to apply the night before. After bath, i let my hair dry for a while then have a 1-2 pumps of this hair serum and apply at the bottom of my hair. It helps frizz at bay.

Would love to know some of your summer must haves too. You can leave a link at the comment box below and will be glad to visit your post. Have a lovely Spring / Summer time to you all. Enjoy!


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