Sunday, February 2, 2014

SNAPS - Celebrating Chinese New Year

Hello February! We are on the second month of the year and this time, LOVE month is here. It's nice and so light to talk about the topic cause almost anyone can relate. young or old, right? But this time around i will focus first on the celebration of Chinese New Year.

It's always been a tradition and culture in the Philippines to celebrate Chinese New Year. Tikoy giving to friends and relatives for sticky and intact bonding. A lot of fireworks which Iya love to watch, it's always magical sight to see those lightings in the dark. Lots of chinese foods and ang pao's. ( the red money envelope ) I love to see dragon dance while reaching and jumping for the ang pao, an amazing skills for the dancers and an entertainment for those who watch. It's always in my mind to visit china town in times like this to witness how they celebrate the welcoming of the year, with all the sumptous deli that they have but did not have a chance to do it yet. Maybe one time. So i end up and hubby eating a lot of chinese foods, the kids had a mix of some range but they enjoy eating their dumpings a lot too.

Welcoming the wood horse with lots of good vibes and positive outlooks in life.May the 2014 brings hopes for the hopeless, food for those in need, contentment for those who have it all and peace of mind for those who badly needed it most.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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