Monday, February 3, 2014

Round Up : January

January was filled with memories that great to reminisce, celebration of different kind has been a big part of it and there's nothing even better to look back sometime with so much happiness to those who are all dear to my heart. Last month is also an experienced of having low temperature, for the first time i able to sleep putting my socks on, and a daily use of scarf and sweater, i also able to conclude that tropical country is what really is for me to live in. Can't stand the freezing cold like most of you guys is experiencing or maybe because this is also the downgrade of being mature. *sigh* Heading on, putting fresh flowers also gives an added life in the interior of our home. I also able to rediscover the beauty of indoor plants and mix decorating it with my other succulents. It's always great to have a summer feel all through out the year even inside your home.

January has come to an end but the reason how we live our day to day life is only a proof how blessed and grateful we are. A moment to thank for. So now, hello February!

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