Thursday, February 20, 2014

Motherhood : On Dealing and Coping Stress

Long time ago when i am still a working mom, almost every night i gazed up on my three kids and thinking what it will be like if i am the one who personally look to them. Gabriel is almost two years old that time, i can still enjoy her toddler years as i was thinking. Better time to make memories with him as with my two kids, Jenille and Adrian.

Time comes that i was given the priviledge to be a hands on mom, my heart is so full. I can't express my gratitude that time, i was thinking it will be far away from my 9-5 job dealing. Being a mom is so fulfilling, as it is being a housewife. There's no price greater than giving your full blast labor of love to the person who are important in your life. However there certain comes a time that you can figure out the hardship with everyday chores. It's like you multi task, or multi tasking as it is called. Working in a field and office deals with a eight hours span of time, being a mom is a 24/7 duty. A hands on responsiblities that is tiring physically and sometimes with emotional stress involved. That time i only knew that cooking and love is my gear, and the others keeps on coming as i am like a rookie. So it's a day to day learning experienced with some or lot of struggles in chores. It's like you are given a wrong field of work but you have no choice but to deal with it, to study and make a strategy what's best can suits you to fill in the space. As i was thinking that time, if nobody became a somebody because of HARDWORK in one work space. It is because he put ALL the efforts to be where he KNOWS he WANTS to be. To be FULFILLED in the field of work that he wants to be. MOTHERHOOD has to be on the same dealing too.

It is a lot of learning process, actually a day to day learning process i must say. Up to this time i master some chores that i can hardly believed i can and i could. But it's fulfilling knowing that you do it all for them. The same time, fulfilling on my part that i overcome the hardships of it as i am still in the beginner side that time. Today, duties and responsibilities is different so with tomorrow as well. As i mature, i concluded that it is always a learning process you have to embrace. Whenever there's a time i ever break down? Yes, and i think it's normal. To release what you feel. It can help you and can heal you, and on the process, to become a better you for your children. I also learned to give some time for myself, to breath. It is important to nurture yourself too for your own good and for the benefit of your family. Maybe a day in the spa, sounds best! An afternoon cup of coffee in Starbucks store is a favorite. If time don't permits a cup of coffee at home with some of favorite reads or an afternoon movie treat is also great. I also learned to give time to meet friends who are also a mom who can deal with certain issues. It's great to know someone who can relate to what you feel in some point of time. Through time i learned to find myself.  In that way i can fuel up. Like the captain of the ship, the passenger is my children, there's no better to give your full "customer sevice" for the benefit of their future, and nurturing each one of them to become a better person. As an add on, a happy mom and a happy wife can lead to a happy family life. Formula that works best for me.

Would love to know a piece of some words that you can share regarding motherhood. How do you deal with stress in some point? Thanks for reading.


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