Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making Valentine's on Hearts Day

Happy Valentine's Day friends! Yesterday was a day for crafts, my two youngest Gabriel and Iya keep me company and we did a mini heart shapes made of paper. Iya help me stick it to the wall at night time. Maybe i will let it stay there for a while to remind us of the celebration of love each day. I want my kids to have good memories of what Valentine's is all about and explain things up at them too. Iya has a lot of questions that some of it answered by his brother Gabriel. It is a great way to feel the love in the air while doing those activities with my kids. It's also fun listening to their stories while they talked in chorus. Oh moms, you know what i mean. Last night was a memorable and a good one.

Today is a day for farmers market, then cooking some favorite meals and waiting for my students and hubby to come home as well. At dinner time, my family and i will celebrate Valentine's altogether. A simple celebration to end the night with simple talks of what our day is and for sure some laughters too. A great way to spend moments and special day like this one. I know celebration like these will be a tradition i always love doing and will be imparted to the hearts and memories of my kids, as i did when i was young.

Can't wait to know your stories. How will you celebrate yours? Again, Happy Valentine's day to all! God bless.


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