Monday, February 3, 2014


Since this month is a celebration of LOVE i want to impart how elated i am for the celebration of almost two decades of friendship with my bestfriend. Finally we able to make time to meet up. Actually this is always a date cancelled lunch out. It takes a while before we able to to meet again. For all moms who have a toddler or two knows exactly what i mean, it is hard to manage your time when you don't hold it yourself. The time we do shopping for ourselves before changes nowadays that we mostly do shopping for our kids. And the long period of meet ups before have been shortened too. That's what it takes when you're a hands on mom. It is understandable though for both of us, so we don't waste any single moment and enjoy every seconds of privilege that has given to us.

For that time, i came alone. I only let my friend to tag along her adorable princess which is my god daughter. She is the one who captured all our moments since we don't have a photographer to do it for us. So it added more fun since she keep on clicking the camera and did'nt ever say a word or even count one to three. From our lunch to coffee time it's like a perfect day for both of us. Though how we do our itenerary changes from shopping to ourselves before to shopping now for our kids. How time blew it away. For that moment in time we are both carefree, laughing and almost teary eyed. We both really missed each other. A lot. More than words can say.

Time passed by and we need to say goodbye. Our hugs to each other speaks to what we really felt that moment. We don't know how the situation will set us together again but communication did'nt end from there. How i wish to meet her again as often as we could, but i know it takes time for that but maybe next time we can do a double date with our daughters too. That's sounds pretty good. A second generation of friendship in the making.

Life changes but the most important is to hold on something that is worth it. Friendship is like marriage to me. You need to put a strong foundation and accepting differences, be happy for each other's accomplishment, let each other grow and pat one's back who needed it most. A gifted relationship can't be done overtime. Exerting time and effort is the key to it each time.

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  1. i totally agree... it's hard to keep up friendships when you have kids. basically everything you do is scheduled around your kids' needs! it gets a bit easier when your kids are toddlers, and you have a routine, and your friends also have kids so they understand better, but it's still not like what life was before kids.

    also agree friendships are so important to hold on to... so important! great photos here :) thanks for sharing this with us!



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