Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Purse-ful Thinking

It's over a year ago since the last time i wrote a topic about bags. Sometimes even if you love to, it's better not to most especially if your are in a step back for a moment on splurging up. I have a feeling that if i talk about certain item frequently, the more i am lusting over it. The more eager i wan it on my hands. So better yet be quiet for a certain time. However, if there is such thing that can palpitate and make me smile, that's when i talk and think about purses, i can say it is one of the things that makes me smile. For all those who follow my journey from the start can attest to that. I even remember the first article i posted here is also about bag, a mother's day gift from hubby. However there comes a time that when life given you priorities, the adrenaline will subside for a time, but it doesn't mean that the longing for it will die. But priorities comes first, most especially when the need of my children is at stake. For all bag lovers can relate to this kind of thoughts, and feelings perhaps, i suppose.

Before i stop myself from purchasing then there are still some purses that's on my list, and still on my notes up to this time. You know, the feeling of saving a print screen for future use, and looking at it makes an unwinding moment to cheer you up sometime from a long day of work. Thinking it will be yours one day, handheld in your arms. It's like music to your ears, the happiness at the moment is endless. Oh here i go again day dreaming, anyway as you noticed from the photos, i am for something neutral this time around. Would love to add some of it since most colors on my pieces are bright enough. I would love swingpack, crossbody that is two into one type. A bucket shoulder bag is on my list too. As a hands on mom with four years old daughter, i find this type of purse useful to a kind of lifestyle i am into, at the same time chic enough to pair for casual outfit. Or good to say that i am not that stylish enough for a day wear outfit so a good bag choice will be great as a center of attraction. Anybody there in the same boat, you can raise your hand. Thank you.

So, since i don't have enough funds to purchase it all in one time splurge, then here's the hardest part, to choose. However, thinking of taking home any from above would make me happy, a good thought enough. Four of them are all my personal choice anyway and there's no mistake picking anyone of them, right?

Hey! Would love to know what is your proven method to mind set from not splurging to the one you love most buying, in time of cost cutting your budget? Up to these day i still love the Givenchy nightingale that i used to post before, and the black studded Valentino, oh so lovely to look at. However there's always a feeling of purchasing those items isn't worthy for me. Is there any of you feel the same way too? well, i think that topic will belong to another post, for sure.

Till then friends, again, thanks so much for reading.


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