Wednesday, February 26, 2014


"The portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, for 2014."

Iya : A lot of flowers, Ana, Elsa and Lilo topics within the whole week. And of course there's a singing involved too even infront of a crowd.
Allen. : Eventhough he has a lot of outdoor activities the passion to read books is still in his routine. Love to think of that.
Adrian : While on an establishment this boy has just passed out. Thankfully the security called someone to assist and bring him to the clinic. He is okay by now if you ask.
Jenille : Talking about beach vacation, outfit and accessories for summer. The planning and all, name it.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Purse-ful Thinking

It's over a year ago since the last time i wrote a topic about bags. Sometimes even if you love to, it's better not to most especially if your are in a step back for a moment on splurging up. I have a feeling that if i talk about certain item frequently, the more i am lusting over it. The more eager i wan it on my hands. So better yet be quiet for a certain time. However, if there is such thing that can palpitate and make me smile, that's when i talk and think about purses, i can say it is one of the things that makes me smile. For all those who follow my journey from the start can attest to that. I even remember the first article i posted here is also about bag, a mother's day gift from hubby. However there comes a time that when life given you priorities, the adrenaline will subside for a time, but it doesn't mean that the longing for it will die. But priorities comes first, most especially when the need of my children is at stake. For all bag lovers can relate to this kind of thoughts, and feelings perhaps, i suppose.

Before i stop myself from purchasing then there are still some purses that's on my list, and still on my notes up to this time. You know, the feeling of saving a print screen for future use, and looking at it makes an unwinding moment to cheer you up sometime from a long day of work. Thinking it will be yours one day, handheld in your arms. It's like music to your ears, the happiness at the moment is endless. Oh here i go again day dreaming, anyway as you noticed from the photos, i am for something neutral this time around. Would love to add some of it since most colors on my pieces are bright enough. I would love swingpack, crossbody that is two into one type. A bucket shoulder bag is on my list too. As a hands on mom with four years old daughter, i find this type of purse useful to a kind of lifestyle i am into, at the same time chic enough to pair for casual outfit. Or good to say that i am not that stylish enough for a day wear outfit so a good bag choice will be great as a center of attraction. Anybody there in the same boat, you can raise your hand. Thank you.

So, since i don't have enough funds to purchase it all in one time splurge, then here's the hardest part, to choose. However, thinking of taking home any from above would make me happy, a good thought enough. Four of them are all my personal choice anyway and there's no mistake picking anyone of them, right?

Hey! Would love to know what is your proven method to mind set from not splurging to the one you love most buying, in time of cost cutting your budget? Up to these day i still love the Givenchy nightingale that i used to post before, and the black studded Valentino, oh so lovely to look at. However there's always a feeling of purchasing those items isn't worthy for me. Is there any of you feel the same way too? well, i think that topic will belong to another post, for sure.

Till then friends, again, thanks so much for reading.


                                                                     1, 2,  3, 4

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Motherhood : On Dealing and Coping Stress

Long time ago when i am still a working mom, almost every night i gazed up on my three kids and thinking what it will be like if i am the one who personally look to them. Gabriel is almost two years old that time, i can still enjoy her toddler years as i was thinking. Better time to make memories with him as with my two kids, Jenille and Adrian.

Time comes that i was given the priviledge to be a hands on mom, my heart is so full. I can't express my gratitude that time, i was thinking it will be far away from my 9-5 job dealing. Being a mom is so fulfilling, as it is being a housewife. There's no price greater than giving your full blast labor of love to the person who are important in your life. However there certain comes a time that you can figure out the hardship with everyday chores. It's like you multi task, or multi tasking as it is called. Working in a field and office deals with a eight hours span of time, being a mom is a 24/7 duty. A hands on responsiblities that is tiring physically and sometimes with emotional stress involved. That time i only knew that cooking and love is my gear, and the others keeps on coming as i am like a rookie. So it's a day to day learning experienced with some or lot of struggles in chores. It's like you are given a wrong field of work but you have no choice but to deal with it, to study and make a strategy what's best can suits you to fill in the space. As i was thinking that time, if nobody became a somebody because of HARDWORK in one work space. It is because he put ALL the efforts to be where he KNOWS he WANTS to be. To be FULFILLED in the field of work that he wants to be. MOTHERHOOD has to be on the same dealing too.

It is a lot of learning process, actually a day to day learning process i must say. Up to this time i master some chores that i can hardly believed i can and i could. But it's fulfilling knowing that you do it all for them. The same time, fulfilling on my part that i overcome the hardships of it as i am still in the beginner side that time. Today, duties and responsibilities is different so with tomorrow as well. As i mature, i concluded that it is always a learning process you have to embrace. Whenever there's a time i ever break down? Yes, and i think it's normal. To release what you feel. It can help you and can heal you, and on the process, to become a better you for your children. I also learned to give some time for myself, to breath. It is important to nurture yourself too for your own good and for the benefit of your family. Maybe a day in the spa, sounds best! An afternoon cup of coffee in Starbucks store is a favorite. If time don't permits a cup of coffee at home with some of favorite reads or an afternoon movie treat is also great. I also learned to give time to meet friends who are also a mom who can deal with certain issues. It's great to know someone who can relate to what you feel in some point of time. Through time i learned to find myself.  In that way i can fuel up. Like the captain of the ship, the passenger is my children, there's no better to give your full "customer sevice" for the benefit of their future, and nurturing each one of them to become a better person. As an add on, a happy mom and a happy wife can lead to a happy family life. Formula that works best for me.

Would love to know a piece of some words that you can share regarding motherhood. How do you deal with stress in some point? Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


"The portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, for 2014".

Jenille : Emotional everytime we visit her grandma.
Adrian : After saving money for this game his father surprised him with one. This young man is happy and stun at the same time.
Gabriel : I picked up this boy at school and busted playing basketball in his school uniform *sigh*
Iya. : For the first time last night she volunteer to lead our Lord's prayer. Fascinated with the words and memory and kisses her all over after a while. Love this sweet kid to the moon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

SNAPS - A Day to Night Out

As much as i have my own way to celebrate the romantic day with my love one it ends up that i am the one who has been surprised. So instead of having the celebration at home, we end up having dinner outside and some restaurant hop in.

1. I think it's just fine to start the course with a dessert. Try out this mini new york cheesecake. A bit salty on the crust but the sweetness is just perfect.
2. Barbeque ribs, always a fan of american baked spareribs so seeing this reminds me of it. But o-oh, i think i will have a sugar high eating this meal. Too much sweetness.
3. Hubby can't decide with pesto pasta and the all day breakfast beef tapa, so we decided to order both to try it out. Superb taste.
4. The waitress gave us a water refill in a vintage old looking jar. Reminds me of grandma's pieces. Love the polka dots print and i wish i able to ask if they have it for sale. Maybe next time.
5. A green bag for some pick me up color to brighten more the day. It's always a big help wearing body bag when you have kid to tag along.
6. Love the girly atmosphere of this shop, makes dining more fun.
7. A side note of going out on Valentine's day itself is that you can feel the concept of the day, all day, and all night long. Like this vendor who sells fresh roses whenever the car stops in the middle of traffic jam.
8. Drop by at C italian pizza and pasta restaurant at Metrowalk for some time meet up with a friend. Good food and good place to dine.
9. Got myself a hand on l'occitane cream in a limited edition packaging with a free trial size shea face cream. A two added scarfs makes it complete. Love.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making Valentine's on Hearts Day

Happy Valentine's Day friends! Yesterday was a day for crafts, my two youngest Gabriel and Iya keep me company and we did a mini heart shapes made of paper. Iya help me stick it to the wall at night time. Maybe i will let it stay there for a while to remind us of the celebration of love each day. I want my kids to have good memories of what Valentine's is all about and explain things up at them too. Iya has a lot of questions that some of it answered by his brother Gabriel. It is a great way to feel the love in the air while doing those activities with my kids. It's also fun listening to their stories while they talked in chorus. Oh moms, you know what i mean. Last night was a memorable and a good one.

Today is a day for farmers market, then cooking some favorite meals and waiting for my students and hubby to come home as well. At dinner time, my family and i will celebrate Valentine's altogether. A simple celebration to end the night with simple talks of what our day is and for sure some laughters too. A great way to spend moments and special day like this one. I know celebration like these will be a tradition i always love doing and will be imparted to the hearts and memories of my kids, as i did when i was young.

Can't wait to know your stories. How will you celebrate yours? Again, Happy Valentine's day to all! God bless.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


"The portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, for 2014."

Jenille : The first time i saw her wearing bartending uniform, far from her regular wear. Amazing how a transformation of outfit makes a difference.
Adrian : Maybe we are not connected to almost all his likes but the good thing is we have the same love for food. Almost anything goes.
Gabriel : Excited for the coming of Valentine's day. I asked him why and he said just for fun at school program. Okay, i will take it from there, and be calm.
Iya. : We went out and she had so much fun playing and making friends.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Valentine's Pick

Hi friends, how the month of february dealing you so far? Hopefully it's all pretty good and you are all in good health. Like Christmas, this february month of love adds a bit of excitement in day to day living, don't you think so? Or maybe i'm just a woman who always into celebration of things. (?) Love the feeling of anything that makes someone happy, maybe if this is a birthdays or weddings, baptismal, anniversaries,name it! Always looking forward for time of get together and sharing memories. That what life is all about, for me, i guess.

Since get together and celebrations means sharing memories and happiness, it's also in some way gift giving or something i always called "give to self". Did some of you do that? Like kind of reward for a hard days of work, or some pretty things to buy to perk you up from a tiring days and months of work? Well that formula is quite applicable to the one's who's writing here. And-for-that, i did some HEART day picks of some on my favorite list to share.

Le Creuset oval french oven. A must have for someone who have passion and love for cooking, even great for those who like collecting kitchenwares. Seeing this online makes me palpitate, or maybe i just did! Perfect from oven top, to stove top and direct to table top. It has a variety of vibrant colors to choose from i must tell. This soleil is also a perfect color, an eye catcher, and have summery feel.

L'occitane shea handcream. As a working and hands on mom having variant of good hand products is just fine. A handy place where you can apply creams everytime your hands contacts with water helps a lot to keep away from dryness.

Nars radiant creamy concealer. The first time i saw this means putting it on my list and a must try product. A concealer is a beauty essential for me as well as skincare around the eyes. It both gives life to tired looking eyes.

Anthropologie mugs- how i wish this pieces can easily be bought here in the Philippines. For sure i will purchase almost all the mugs that i wanted. Looking at their sites is like unwinding from time to time. However, for the meantime i will just wait for a relative to purchase one or two for me or maybe let hubby do the honor. Yay! can't wait to pour a cup of coffee and sip through it. Love.

Someone who loves beauty and cooking, that will do all my picks. Hope someone out there can totally relate on my list. Advance happy heart's day, and to all who's birthday fall this month, happy birthday too you all.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


"The portrait of my kids, once a week, every week for 2014."

Jenille : Waiting for her barmates. Have an interest in bartending skills nowadays.
Son1/Adrian : Always find time to help in household chores even in the smallest things, appreciate it a lot.
Son2/Gabriel : He's been teaching how to play the guitar, he's into it right now.
Iya. : My one and only daughter who manage to ask the s/a if she can fit the dress and wear it while inside the toy store.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Since this month is a celebration of LOVE i want to impart how elated i am for the celebration of almost two decades of friendship with my bestfriend. Finally we able to make time to meet up. Actually this is always a date cancelled lunch out. It takes a while before we able to to meet again. For all moms who have a toddler or two knows exactly what i mean, it is hard to manage your time when you don't hold it yourself. The time we do shopping for ourselves before changes nowadays that we mostly do shopping for our kids. And the long period of meet ups before have been shortened too. That's what it takes when you're a hands on mom. It is understandable though for both of us, so we don't waste any single moment and enjoy every seconds of privilege that has given to us.

For that time, i came alone. I only let my friend to tag along her adorable princess which is my god daughter. She is the one who captured all our moments since we don't have a photographer to do it for us. So it added more fun since she keep on clicking the camera and did'nt ever say a word or even count one to three. From our lunch to coffee time it's like a perfect day for both of us. Though how we do our itenerary changes from shopping to ourselves before to shopping now for our kids. How time blew it away. For that moment in time we are both carefree, laughing and almost teary eyed. We both really missed each other. A lot. More than words can say.

Time passed by and we need to say goodbye. Our hugs to each other speaks to what we really felt that moment. We don't know how the situation will set us together again but communication did'nt end from there. How i wish to meet her again as often as we could, but i know it takes time for that but maybe next time we can do a double date with our daughters too. That's sounds pretty good. A second generation of friendship in the making.

Life changes but the most important is to hold on something that is worth it. Friendship is like marriage to me. You need to put a strong foundation and accepting differences, be happy for each other's accomplishment, let each other grow and pat one's back who needed it most. A gifted relationship can't be done overtime. Exerting time and effort is the key to it each time.

Round Up : January

January was filled with memories that great to reminisce, celebration of different kind has been a big part of it and there's nothing even better to look back sometime with so much happiness to those who are all dear to my heart. Last month is also an experienced of having low temperature, for the first time i able to sleep putting my socks on, and a daily use of scarf and sweater, i also able to conclude that tropical country is what really is for me to live in. Can't stand the freezing cold like most of you guys is experiencing or maybe because this is also the downgrade of being mature. *sigh* Heading on, putting fresh flowers also gives an added life in the interior of our home. I also able to rediscover the beauty of indoor plants and mix decorating it with my other succulents. It's always great to have a summer feel all through out the year even inside your home.

January has come to an end but the reason how we live our day to day life is only a proof how blessed and grateful we are. A moment to thank for. So now, hello February!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

SNAPS - Celebrating Chinese New Year

Hello February! We are on the second month of the year and this time, LOVE month is here. It's nice and so light to talk about the topic cause almost anyone can relate. young or old, right? But this time around i will focus first on the celebration of Chinese New Year.

It's always been a tradition and culture in the Philippines to celebrate Chinese New Year. Tikoy giving to friends and relatives for sticky and intact bonding. A lot of fireworks which Iya love to watch, it's always magical sight to see those lightings in the dark. Lots of chinese foods and ang pao's. ( the red money envelope ) I love to see dragon dance while reaching and jumping for the ang pao, an amazing skills for the dancers and an entertainment for those who watch. It's always in my mind to visit china town in times like this to witness how they celebrate the welcoming of the year, with all the sumptous deli that they have but did not have a chance to do it yet. Maybe one time. So i end up and hubby eating a lot of chinese foods, the kids had a mix of some range but they enjoy eating their dumpings a lot too.

Welcoming the wood horse with lots of good vibes and positive outlooks in life.May the 2014 brings hopes for the hopeless, food for those in need, contentment for those who have it all and peace of mind for those who badly needed it most.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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