Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Weekend Brings : Faith

It's been my routine to meditate, to reflect on things, and be grateful. Most especially when weekdays come to an end and Sunday Church is a step away to rejoice. It always made me think of how my routine goes before as a child and makes a big impact on how i handle my life now. Going to church and pray is one of the best practice and solution that helps me become a better person, to be stronger and have good positive thoughts in almost all aspects of life. It's a feeling of the best comfort zone for me even if i will just pass by or make a visit. It gives my day a big relief. A great feeling and another day of free of worries. "When i let myself surrender all up to HIM everythings comes into place and the peace of mind is endless."

As i recall, maybe i am on my fourth grade then and always eager going to my Papa's house walking. Walking in a slow manner while hearing the humming of birds, the crisps sound of leaves in an overwhelming big branches of trees. Sometimes it made me stop while seeing fruits in different varieties and asked the owner if i could have some, they will just nod and say go on. So by then there are times i'm eating fruits while continue to walk. Most of the times, i sung praise songs in a low tone that i acquired being a choir member of our school. Maybe i able to finish four to five songs before i arrive to my destination then. But merely most of the time i was thinking of my life, our family life, and made me meditate and reflect each time. Life is not that easy growing up. But it made me realize that life could not be full of sorrow and i can appreciate and see the beauty in every aspect to live harmoniously. There are times i walk crying, with heavy emotions but still arrive on my destination finishing the five worship songs with a husky voice coming in my throat. The lyrics made me calm and relax. As i have look in the path of my destination, there are straight and curvy lines. There are times i walk tired then just make a reflection. Thinking about life, it's not all good things, there are hardships, sorrows and then comes joy. I just think of the end of the tunnel as a goal. It's just like that, there's always sunshine after the storm.

The experienced sink through me growing up then later in life, the virtue of faith and perseverance made a established foundation in my personality, with a big help coming from my childhood memoir. It's a good recall whenever there are times that i want to step back and fall. My FAITH made been a big impact in my life, through that i able to believe that life can be made through prayers if you only ask for it. In HIS blessings and guidance and it will come upon you. So everytime going to Churches is like a feeling of newly renewed self. That all can be well - and calm- in HIS glory - if you just BELIEVED.

I will be forever grateful to God that he open my eyes to all his creation and to always see the beauty of each kind. May He guide me in his free will to let the attitude and values be impart to my children.

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