Saturday, January 18, 2014

Motherhood : Choices to make

As we live in the tropical country my kids are taught to wear, sneakers, slippers, and flipflops. I can't even recall if there's a time i able to buy Jenille a pair of booties when she's a toddler or a kid. Comfort is the key as i always say so and being appropriate, mostly for a very young age. But maybe, not on my youngest.

On our family day while strolling we saw our foot in front of a shoe store. Iya can't take her eyes on the pink booties and pink sneaker wedge. the looks that she's swooning over it and mesmerized how she will look like wearing those. Though it's not on my list to buy her a pair. The eagerness i saw on her face makes me decide i will let her try to fit one. The time when she is walking through it all over the store just like the models walks through runaway, smiling and posing while telling me and her dad ( mostly ) if she could wear those going home makes me decide to purchase one.The happy face i saw in her face is endless, that she wanted to wear those pair at that very moment.

What i love most being a mom is the experienced. Knowing the little things i see in my children, about their interest and the likes. At their young age, i am the one who set things for them, teach them to learn things. If there will come a time they need to make a choice of their own in the future. Though it might not be how i wanted it for them, but the important things is how they are taught on how to handle their decisions. I think it all comes to that, it might be on the simple things they choose or a big decisions they will make. That's one of the reason why i always think on my parents. On what i have learned from them growing up. They are not the type who stop you to learn and explore things. But they will just let you know and experience things with guidance on the side. If in time your choice teared you down, the experienced will let you made to be a better person. To know how life makes you fail or fall. To learn and to stand up, and that's what i believe so. Nurturing my children is the most wonderful and loving gestures of expression how much i love them. But teaching them the real meaning of life and what's real life does. Makes it even more meaningful for them to have a shield in the future. I'm just here to guide and explain things up that will help them mold their mind but i won't stop from there. I will be the light that will keep on burning to let them see and know the right path. Prayers will help a lot to encourage, to pursue them to be on the right direction no matter how hard life will lead them their way.

That's what i thought.

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  1. love those pink boots on her! parenting is want to let them experience things and make their own decisions, but it's also hard to sit back and let them make mistakes. i'm guilty of being too controlling sometimes, but it's a learning process for me as well as my kids.


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