Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello 2014

How does everybody's enjoying the first week of 2014? We are kind a back to normal routine in our home, once in a while having talks with the previous holiday season and how fast it last. So finally it's 2014, and mostly everybody's having a new year's resolution. And hey! Do you made one?

Ask of me, maybe i will skip to that. Planning what you want could only be done if you have enough for that. For now i just want a simple life with a lavish of positive thoughts and happiness for this whole year round. Just as normal as it could be, like a day routine. You know kids can regularly go to school as plan, have enough room for all our needs. We can have our family bonding at home and if budget is not tough, we can go out, dine out and replenish some of our needs. Wants can easily be bought if there's an extra, but it's not a priority. If life is too good for us to explore, i will take it from there. For this time, i will just live our life on day to day. Expectations means frustrations and i don't want to welcome that. As i age, i learned to embrace what's on the pot. Have learned what life is all about. A simple living means free of worries and a better peace of mind. A calm life, a happy life.

Hoping and praying too that you all be well for the whole year round. Cheers for the New Year friends!

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