Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good finds

Last week while on our family day, i able to grab some time and got the chance to visit one of my favorite place. I don't know about you, but i really love going to home centers. Seeing different kinds of home goods, and little things that can be bought to give addition and nice interior to our home makes me happy. Most of the times, just looking at those gives me a feeling of bliss and sometimes makes me *sigh*. I admit that doing organizing things is not what i'm really good at, so seeing inspirations helps a lot. But what i am probably sure of is that, i have an eye of pretty things, and do appreciate anything that made up of wooden pieces. Most especially, when it comes to furnitures and accessories.

This time around i am lucky to spot some good sale.The corners of the aisle that caters most of the wood craft section where there's a lot of table runners, door mats, wooden plates, baskets and placemats makes me stuck for some time. Most of them are products that are exported to some countries and lucky me to visit them while they do have mark downs. Months ago i wanted to buy some of pretty favorites that i saw but a bit pricey that time. Just thought of waiting for the right time, so then it comes. Having the sale season makes the trip worthwhile. So the happy mama here did not go home empty handed, another reason to make my day happy.

I will be glad to know what are you eyeing of in terms of some home accessories? Would love to know a bit of your favorite too.

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