Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beauty : L'occitane Almond Shower Oil

It's too cold here nowadays, maybe far from what most of you are experiencing right now, but living in a tropical country this weather is far away from normal. I don't think i could able to live for a long period of time in a place that is too cold, though it's quite exciting at first. However too much coldness keep my feet numb, my freshly brewed coffee easily gets cold and for a month now i've always end of sleeping with a pair of socks on and end up each morning putting a sweatshirt and a scarf on. I miss the sunny warm days at this point of time, nevertheless it only takes one more month. And it's over.

Anyhow the best part of having this kind of weather is that i could always use my oil base skincare products anytime, when the weather gets cold due to it's warm effect. One favorite of mine is the shower oil from L'occitane. I've been living with this bath products for years now on and off. When the temperature gets high, i end up using it only at night, shower time, before bed to keep my skin hydrated from the cold aircondition room overnight.

L'occitane almond shower oil has a subtle scent that you will end up looking forward for another bath time. It has soft silky effect that visibly notice after use and maximum effect using it overtime.The oil transform into a delicate foam lather after contact with water and we know that almond is known to have an anti aging properties that firms the skin. A solution to those who have dry skin and a great find to one who is after anti aging benefits. A worthy purchase for me.

What are some skincare nourishment that you are up into in times like this? Would love to know. Happy long weekend and kung hei fat choi!


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