Saturday, January 25, 2014


" A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, for 2014."

Iya : I just sleep and she grows out to be a little miss overnight, three inches nowadays to be exact. Can i just say please slow down a little bit honey. The strong persona with a mix of sweetness on this child. That's her. I will forever enjoy and retain on my memory on how she says i love you, and i don't want you to always get tired mama. The sweetest things. Oh Iya.

Son2 : Sometimes i wonder where this little kid of mine is now. Having him as the youngest for seven years makes me miss this boy so much. For mom out there you know what i mean, right? The time your both world only moves around together and now there he is, beginning to have his own world. A dancer and a player, some of the reasons why his fully loaded nowadays.

Son1 : It's the beginning of a new semester for him. A responsible man that he is, my partner in all and the introvert type. As a mom i can feel how his love for all of us overflows inside of him. So grateful on how he become.

Jenille : She enjoy being in the kitchen this week whenever she arrived early from school and cooks a meal for us. Surprisingly, a great additional skills concerning her cooking issue aside from her first love, which is baking.

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