Thursday, January 9, 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's been months since i last open my blog account. As always, as much as my head wanted to write, the schedule of being a mom is tight to able to sit down for a long time. What i able to do for last month(s) is to feed my instagram with what's happening on our daily basis. It's also one of my way to keep track on those favorite feeds of mine since i can't able to sit down reading for a long time.

As i've said to my instagram post. I think 2014 will be much easier for me as far as motherhood is concern and by that i hope to catch on some new post once in a while. i can't assure, but i'm hoping to write more often. Writing is my space and my outlet, and thinking of going back to that makes me happy. i just hope that i can also give sometime to redesign the blog too. Soon. i will take it one step at a time. For the meantime the sure thing is that for this year i will add a category. " 1/52 , a weekly portrait of my kids. Decided to do a category like this since they grew up fast. As i always tell i'm a bit sad for that. So to keep track on them, i will do this weekly round up so i can easily flashback what we were doing each time and brings back my emotions in posting so.


Jenille and son1 goofin around on New Year day. They are so close that's sometimes listening to their conversation makes me laugh to tears that gives me a headeache, weird but funny.

Iya is getting a lot on singing lately. It depends on what she watch, now she's into Frozen movie, so you can hear a lot of singing happening in our home, from Elsa To Ana. And maybe i should return to buy for this microphone that she keep eye on when we are on the toy store.

Son2 here watching His sibling not to slip, i appreciate now how he adjusted from being the youngest among our family to being a loving brother to his little sister.

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