Friday, January 31, 2014


A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, for 2014

Iya : Lounging for days on her gifted hooded towel.
Son2 : Glad he now learned to alternate and gave a day off on his shoes.
Son1 : Curious on a lot of things, we call him "google man".
Jenille: Gets busy nowadays concerning projects and completing of school requirements.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beauty : L'occitane Almond Shower Oil

It's too cold here nowadays, maybe far from what most of you are experiencing right now, but living in a tropical country this weather is far away from normal. I don't think i could able to live for a long period of time in a place that is too cold, though it's quite exciting at first. However too much coldness keep my feet numb, my freshly brewed coffee easily gets cold and for a month now i've always end of sleeping with a pair of socks on and end up each morning putting a sweatshirt and a scarf on. I miss the sunny warm days at this point of time, nevertheless it only takes one more month. And it's over.

Anyhow the best part of having this kind of weather is that i could always use my oil base skincare products anytime, when the weather gets cold due to it's warm effect. One favorite of mine is the shower oil from L'occitane. I've been living with this bath products for years now on and off. When the temperature gets high, i end up using it only at night, shower time, before bed to keep my skin hydrated from the cold aircondition room overnight.

L'occitane almond shower oil has a subtle scent that you will end up looking forward for another bath time. It has soft silky effect that visibly notice after use and maximum effect using it overtime.The oil transform into a delicate foam lather after contact with water and we know that almond is known to have an anti aging properties that firms the skin. A solution to those who have dry skin and a great find to one who is after anti aging benefits. A worthy purchase for me.

What are some skincare nourishment that you are up into in times like this? Would love to know. Happy long weekend and kung hei fat choi!


Saturday, January 25, 2014


" A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, for 2014."

Iya : I just sleep and she grows out to be a little miss overnight, three inches nowadays to be exact. Can i just say please slow down a little bit honey. The strong persona with a mix of sweetness on this child. That's her. I will forever enjoy and retain on my memory on how she says i love you, and i don't want you to always get tired mama. The sweetest things. Oh Iya.

Son2 : Sometimes i wonder where this little kid of mine is now. Having him as the youngest for seven years makes me miss this boy so much. For mom out there you know what i mean, right? The time your both world only moves around together and now there he is, beginning to have his own world. A dancer and a player, some of the reasons why his fully loaded nowadays.

Son1 : It's the beginning of a new semester for him. A responsible man that he is, my partner in all and the introvert type. As a mom i can feel how his love for all of us overflows inside of him. So grateful on how he become.

Jenille : She enjoy being in the kitchen this week whenever she arrived early from school and cooks a meal for us. Surprisingly, a great additional skills concerning her cooking issue aside from her first love, which is baking.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Weekend Brings : Faith

It's been my routine to meditate, to reflect on things, and be grateful. Most especially when weekdays come to an end and Sunday Church is a step away to rejoice. It always made me think of how my routine goes before as a child and makes a big impact on how i handle my life now. Going to church and pray is one of the best practice and solution that helps me become a better person, to be stronger and have good positive thoughts in almost all aspects of life. It's a feeling of the best comfort zone for me even if i will just pass by or make a visit. It gives my day a big relief. A great feeling and another day of free of worries. "When i let myself surrender all up to HIM everythings comes into place and the peace of mind is endless."

As i recall, maybe i am on my fourth grade then and always eager going to my Papa's house walking. Walking in a slow manner while hearing the humming of birds, the crisps sound of leaves in an overwhelming big branches of trees. Sometimes it made me stop while seeing fruits in different varieties and asked the owner if i could have some, they will just nod and say go on. So by then there are times i'm eating fruits while continue to walk. Most of the times, i sung praise songs in a low tone that i acquired being a choir member of our school. Maybe i able to finish four to five songs before i arrive to my destination then. But merely most of the time i was thinking of my life, our family life, and made me meditate and reflect each time. Life is not that easy growing up. But it made me realize that life could not be full of sorrow and i can appreciate and see the beauty in every aspect to live harmoniously. There are times i walk crying, with heavy emotions but still arrive on my destination finishing the five worship songs with a husky voice coming in my throat. The lyrics made me calm and relax. As i have look in the path of my destination, there are straight and curvy lines. There are times i walk tired then just make a reflection. Thinking about life, it's not all good things, there are hardships, sorrows and then comes joy. I just think of the end of the tunnel as a goal. It's just like that, there's always sunshine after the storm.

The experienced sink through me growing up then later in life, the virtue of faith and perseverance made a established foundation in my personality, with a big help coming from my childhood memoir. It's a good recall whenever there are times that i want to step back and fall. My FAITH made been a big impact in my life, through that i able to believe that life can be made through prayers if you only ask for it. In HIS blessings and guidance and it will come upon you. So everytime going to Churches is like a feeling of newly renewed self. That all can be well - and calm- in HIS glory - if you just BELIEVED.

I will be forever grateful to God that he open my eyes to all his creation and to always see the beauty of each kind. May He guide me in his free will to let the attitude and values be impart to my children.

Good finds

Last week while on our family day, i able to grab some time and got the chance to visit one of my favorite place. I don't know about you, but i really love going to home centers. Seeing different kinds of home goods, and little things that can be bought to give addition and nice interior to our home makes me happy. Most of the times, just looking at those gives me a feeling of bliss and sometimes makes me *sigh*. I admit that doing organizing things is not what i'm really good at, so seeing inspirations helps a lot. But what i am probably sure of is that, i have an eye of pretty things, and do appreciate anything that made up of wooden pieces. Most especially, when it comes to furnitures and accessories.

This time around i am lucky to spot some good sale.The corners of the aisle that caters most of the wood craft section where there's a lot of table runners, door mats, wooden plates, baskets and placemats makes me stuck for some time. Most of them are products that are exported to some countries and lucky me to visit them while they do have mark downs. Months ago i wanted to buy some of pretty favorites that i saw but a bit pricey that time. Just thought of waiting for the right time, so then it comes. Having the sale season makes the trip worthwhile. So the happy mama here did not go home empty handed, another reason to make my day happy.

I will be glad to know what are you eyeing of in terms of some home accessories? Would love to know a bit of your favorite too.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Motherhood : Choices to make

As we live in the tropical country my kids are taught to wear, sneakers, slippers, and flipflops. I can't even recall if there's a time i able to buy Jenille a pair of booties when she's a toddler or a kid. Comfort is the key as i always say so and being appropriate, mostly for a very young age. But maybe, not on my youngest.

On our family day while strolling we saw our foot in front of a shoe store. Iya can't take her eyes on the pink booties and pink sneaker wedge. the looks that she's swooning over it and mesmerized how she will look like wearing those. Though it's not on my list to buy her a pair. The eagerness i saw on her face makes me decide i will let her try to fit one. The time when she is walking through it all over the store just like the models walks through runaway, smiling and posing while telling me and her dad ( mostly ) if she could wear those going home makes me decide to purchase one.The happy face i saw in her face is endless, that she wanted to wear those pair at that very moment.

What i love most being a mom is the experienced. Knowing the little things i see in my children, about their interest and the likes. At their young age, i am the one who set things for them, teach them to learn things. If there will come a time they need to make a choice of their own in the future. Though it might not be how i wanted it for them, but the important things is how they are taught on how to handle their decisions. I think it all comes to that, it might be on the simple things they choose or a big decisions they will make. That's one of the reason why i always think on my parents. On what i have learned from them growing up. They are not the type who stop you to learn and explore things. But they will just let you know and experience things with guidance on the side. If in time your choice teared you down, the experienced will let you made to be a better person. To know how life makes you fail or fall. To learn and to stand up, and that's what i believe so. Nurturing my children is the most wonderful and loving gestures of expression how much i love them. But teaching them the real meaning of life and what's real life does. Makes it even more meaningful for them to have a shield in the future. I'm just here to guide and explain things up that will help them mold their mind but i won't stop from there. I will be the light that will keep on burning to let them see and know the right path. Prayers will help a lot to encourage, to pursue them to be on the right direction no matter how hard life will lead them their way.

That's what i thought.

Friday, January 17, 2014

SNAPS - Funfilled Month

January has come to an end. How fast that the first month of the year is almost over. This month is a memorable one as much as December meant to us. January means birthdays and anniversary roll over. Dine out, strolling and a lot of story making, i am glad that we all celebrated the occasion as a whole. There's a bit of schedule difficulties but we manage to make it all work out. That's what i'm glad at, that at this point of time we make to exert an effort to be together when there's a family celebration involved. There's nothing better to laugh out load and rolled into tears with so much emotions attach when you are all together, right? Or maybe i am just a mom here who is too emotional everytime i see my family all together, it's the sweetest moments. So i had rather say that we welcome the new year and new month with a lot of memories to look back. No fancy things but the memories makes it all perfect.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


" A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014. "

Son2 just turned twelve. On his birthday he asked if he could able to eat whatever he wants and we offer it to him. From big mac, to jamaican pattie, to name a few. Food tripping for this boy is what can makes him happy and makes his day special. A simple toy is still on the list too.

Iya don't want to sit in the push cart anymore or maybe she is " too old " to ride to that by now. For the meantime she enjoy riding on the scooter, strolling here and there.

Son1 is interested in everything concerning basketball. Adding a gear or in connection with that matter are the one he loved doing so.

Jenille at her free time enjoy reading books. Great to know that the passion to that did not end.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beauty : Lush Karma Kream

It's been a while since i write about beauty and vanity. I am the type of woman who loves to talk and hear about it, and will never get tired in doing so. Sharing something you are in passion with is a great thing and to feel beautiful is a woman empowerment.

My body skin type is dry and moisturizing is always the key to become hydrated. I have a line up of body skincare from oil, to lotion to body butter with scheduled application depending on weather type. Brands that i trusted along so with others is also a good key to drive me in, at times i would love testing products depending on recommendations and personal research.This time i would love to share one of my favorite body lotion. I have been using it for quite sometime, for a couple of years i think and it did not frustrate me at all.

Karma Kream hand and body lotion from Lush have a combination of almond oil, ( anti aging ) cocoa, ( to soften ) orange, patchouli and pine ( heavenly scent ) that leaves on my body for hours and stick to my clothes even after i put it in my laundry pile - and for that it's a great choice of lotion for date nights too! From the first application i know it will be a regular supply to my vanity kit. It has the consistency of a lotion but the effect of a body butter. I love that it's easy to apply and not too sticky like the butter and easily sinks in to the skin. A great alternative after a weekly body scrub routine. One thing i love most in this pot is that it keeps me hydrated all throughout the application and the look of well hydrated skin is visible. At times when i want to layer, i also use the soap with the same line and get ultimate result.The price ( php 1,075 ) is quite spendy among other brands that i up to but it's all worth the cents to think that it comes in 225 grams pot. It will come a long way of application, about two months usage base on my personal use. Lush has so many great products that i love that's why it keeps me from coming back to their store.

Did you ever try this one? Thoughts? Would be please if you could share some of your favorites too. Have a great week ahead and happy Monday everyone!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

What I Wore : Style Journal

Last month i able to shop some sale items from Mango. I've been eyeing to buy printed leggings and jeggings for quite sometime and luckily i steal some of my size. I wish i could have buy more however what already left comes larger or smaller in size. It's pretty obvious that i find pants comfortable to wear, aside from it's a favorite to go to. Printed styles comes only as a bonus.

I don't have the chance to snap outfit post whenever i am home so if ever there is a chance for me to take a selfie shot when outside, i take it as a chance. Pardon me if you'll see more bathroom selfie next time around. With regards to this i have shots with my daughter Iya who is a photo bomber that time. Giggling and posing at my side, and for that it became a double selfie shot for us.

Happy weekend!


                        Top: gap  pants : mango  bag : coach footwear : fitflop  earrings : tiffany

Thursday, January 9, 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's been months since i last open my blog account. As always, as much as my head wanted to write, the schedule of being a mom is tight to able to sit down for a long time. What i able to do for last month(s) is to feed my instagram with what's happening on our daily basis. It's also one of my way to keep track on those favorite feeds of mine since i can't able to sit down reading for a long time.

As i've said to my instagram post. I think 2014 will be much easier for me as far as motherhood is concern and by that i hope to catch on some new post once in a while. i can't assure, but i'm hoping to write more often. Writing is my space and my outlet, and thinking of going back to that makes me happy. i just hope that i can also give sometime to redesign the blog too. Soon. i will take it one step at a time. For the meantime the sure thing is that for this year i will add a category. " 1/52 , a weekly portrait of my kids. Decided to do a category like this since they grew up fast. As i always tell i'm a bit sad for that. So to keep track on them, i will do this weekly round up so i can easily flashback what we were doing each time and brings back my emotions in posting so.


Jenille and son1 goofin around on New Year day. They are so close that's sometimes listening to their conversation makes me laugh to tears that gives me a headeache, weird but funny.

Iya is getting a lot on singing lately. It depends on what she watch, now she's into Frozen movie, so you can hear a lot of singing happening in our home, from Elsa To Ana. And maybe i should return to buy for this microphone that she keep eye on when we are on the toy store.

Son2 here watching His sibling not to slip, i appreciate now how he adjusted from being the youngest among our family to being a loving brother to his little sister.

Hello 2014

How does everybody's enjoying the first week of 2014? We are kind a back to normal routine in our home, once in a while having talks with the previous holiday season and how fast it last. So finally it's 2014, and mostly everybody's having a new year's resolution. And hey! Do you made one?

Ask of me, maybe i will skip to that. Planning what you want could only be done if you have enough for that. For now i just want a simple life with a lavish of positive thoughts and happiness for this whole year round. Just as normal as it could be, like a day routine. You know kids can regularly go to school as plan, have enough room for all our needs. We can have our family bonding at home and if budget is not tough, we can go out, dine out and replenish some of our needs. Wants can easily be bought if there's an extra, but it's not a priority. If life is too good for us to explore, i will take it from there. For this time, i will just live our life on day to day. Expectations means frustrations and i don't want to welcome that. As i age, i learned to embrace what's on the pot. Have learned what life is all about. A simple living means free of worries and a better peace of mind. A calm life, a happy life.

Hoping and praying too that you all be well for the whole year round. Cheers for the New Year friends!

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