Sunday, May 4, 2014

Round Up : April

It's already May and almost on half of the year. Mother's day is around the corner too right and hopeful i am in full recovery before that day comes.

April has been very good to my family with fun memories to cherished. For so long we able to go back to the beach, it's been an unwinding moment for all of us to renew ourself from day to day living. Iya is a first timer beach babe and until now she always keep on repeating that we should go back again. For that i know that she really enjoyed our stay there. As for holy week and easter sunday it's always a tradition that keep on repeating and as i always say it's been the time of the year that it is solemn, where almost anyone commemorate with silence and the environment is so peaceful, where one can pray somewhere and proclaim their faith. Life is a fast phase and for that kind of moment it's nice to know that there is a certain week to slow down and reflect. I always believe in reflection, to what they do good to people. Maybe it's one of the main reason why holy week is one of my favorite holiday. And of course Easter Sunday where "He is risen" is one of the main part to make feast and celebrate. Mostly we do it on swimming with some relatives but this time around we do it on different way. Going to easter mass is how we ended our day and it felt good that way.

Hope your last full month has been wonderful. Though i had my accident before the end of the month. I am grateful that what happenned to me is not fatal. It's another reason to celebrate new life and need to be thank for. For all who knew what happened to me i want to thank you all for your sympathy and well wishers. It feels good to know that somewhere out there is praying for you. Have a wonderful May month ahead of you.

To know more about the glimpse of us you can visit here.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Far from Home // Subic Zambales

The trip was talked and plan ahead but no exact date was been made. My daughter Jenille was the one giving me and hubby a suggestions of place that we should explore and i appreciate her effort for it. Since we can't go on further, Subic Zambales is the best place hubby and i considered as our summer family roadtrip adventure.

Along the road is like making a flashback the first time, Gabriel my youngest son is only two years old the last time we're there, and now he's twelve, that long huh! The place is also like an educational field trip to the younger ones since it has been a u.s. military bases until the early part of the '90's. Some establishment and buildings have been well taken care of and some of them still operating up to now like the royal duty free. I think one of the reason why we choose to be there is the cleanliness of the place aside from a well discipline environment. The forestry have been preserve so you can feel the nature breeze while passing along and we all decided to open our window so each one can feel the fresh air. We even stop a while at awe with the monkeys, some passing through the road, some like having a general assembly, and the one i captured looks like he just wanted to be himself. We really have fun looking at them.

As we came to our destination is a breathtaking moment. Iya was so excited back and fourth to the seashore line, a first time beach babe and i love how the feeling of excitement overflowing on her face. We all soak up to the water and enjoy each wave splashing to our body. The giggling sound is endless while having a pretty good time that moment. A bonus part that the place have a live band at night so we catch up and have a dinner to one of the bar, enjoy sumptuous food while enjoying the beat. My kids can relate to some new beats and i love that i able to catch up too when they do some retro songs, oh my! Am i that old?! Well it's something that we all laugh about but i appreciate when i heard some new wave songs that hubby and i can relate about, with some dance moves along. That's a fun family night.

Going somewhere is like a whole new world. The trip did all good to our mind and soul. It made us more close as a family. Sometimes going through a non routinary scheme is the best remedy to each one of us.

There's more to explore on the place but time is not enough. I hope we can able to go back sometime and explore more. Subic Zambales is a place that one trip is not enough. A sure place that our family made a memories to last and love to talk each time. The best time.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Weekend Brings : Holy Week // Easter Sunday

Holy week is a part of the holidays that i'm looking forward for. It's the time of the year when you usually comeback to your own town and visit one province to witness the traditions that the locals usually do, sometimes it's the perfect time to go to a place where one could make a reflection. Somewhere quiet and peaceful.

For us we stay put in our home and watch religious movies as one of the pass ons family traditions. An afternoon visit to church is a normal itenerary within the whole week round. It's a good thought how to encourage my children to know God more and to make him the center of their life at a young age most especially in a season like this. For the weekend we went to visit my in laws. The kids always looking forward for the time like these that they could bond with their cousins.

On Sunday itself we went on a road trip to Pampanga. The place is a well known for wooden crafts. From furnitures to home displays and interiors, name it and they have it. My jaw in some point drops when i saw some items that i love. For some of you know that i am interested anything made of woods and bringing home some items to be added into my slowly growing collection is overwhelming. Kids and hubby also have an interest to go somewhere in the vicinity, so planning a trip is like a combo deal for all of us. Lunch made in one of a burger and mexican joint as we pass on the road. It is a split of decision of what food to eat but glad to make a comeback to this resto as we all requested to hubby. We truly have the best time.

Going home at dawn and attended an evening mass makes our easter sunday more meaningful.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


" A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014".

Jenille : as we both requested to make a comeback and absolutely agree with the words.
Adrian : we have fun times taking photographs and when it's his turn, this one i've got, ha!
Gabriel : funny conversation with his siblings and father is his absolute favorite, humor talks.
Iya : Appreciate the beauty of blooming flowers in our afternoon walks.

Far from Home // Tagaytay

A bit left behind with some of my post, three kids are in vacation from school and life is a bit "crazy" and more busier these days around our home.

Last month same day after Gabriel's graduation, we hit the road and do a family trip out of town. We decided to do it outdoor since kids wanted a different scenery aside from going to the mall. It's been a while since the last time we head south bound. As i remember, the last time we went there is when Jenille is at her secondary level and now two of my elders are in college, that long! We have lots of memories made as a family in Tagaytay. We use to bring food then and have some barbeque. A family outing at the picnic grove while looking at the view of Taal Volcano and feel th breeze of the cold wind.

Now it's a bit different...

There are lot of new establishment, residential condominium restaurants here and there so with new place for family to visit. But along the road we used to do what the fun road tripping is all about. Stopping at our favorite food shops at Mazapan's sweets and then we went for the new one that we need to taste, at Rowena's. We are also excited to see the pineapple farm and the botanical gardens. When we headed to our destination which is at the skyranch, kids are excited for playtime here, in a new location and in a nature view scenery at Taal lake. We have the best time and till there until night time where we enjoyed most of the cold freezing weather. The temperature is extreme when we're there, too hot in the afternoon but breezy and cold in the evening.

So the hours pass at night and we need to go. We even not crossed the next town yet and the kids already fall asleep. Again, a good and memorable day we have for Allen's celebration of his graduation day. When the kids are asleep and while hubby's driving, we took the moment for us to talk and bond, that's the best time for ourselves, talk and reminisce what a great day we have while sipping our coffee.

Road trip is always best for us and we love the memories in every inch that we gather.

Monday, April 21, 2014


"A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Jenille : Her hardwork has been paid off. She had a great time on our vacation more than i ever know.
Adrian : A protector at heart. A nature lover.
Gabriel : Perfectly remisniscing the last time he went to the beach.
Iya : A first timer beach babe, all she does is running away from the waves, playing sands, giggling and swim with her dad as long as she could.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Motherhood : Sibling Relationship

Having four kids is fulfilling and being a mother is surreal. I have written a topic about sibling rivalry here and i would like to give you some update too regarding that. As i've always say that given a chance to be a mother is a lifetime priviledge and all of us who experienced this gifted love are blessed. I love how Adrian and Gabriel ( formerly named son1 and son2 ) having a great relationship nowadays, better than my previous post. I think maturity for my eldest son occurred now and the acceptance that he has a younger brother to deal with sink to him. They are more likely seen to be together on sports like basketball and playing video games and sometimes having conversations regarding their interest make me smile. I love how Adrian learned to handle the situation being the role model to his brother and to be loving and strict in some point, but i took it on a positive side. He is learning to commit on his duties as a big brother and that's good for me.

On the contrary, my second son Gabriel and my youngest Iya who's seven years apart. Gabriel being the youngest for seven years i know it is not easy for him to cope with the addition and a split attention towards me and his father. But as parents and learned from the past experienced we had from my two son's, we learned to appreciate more each and every actions the two young make. We see to it that all the two of them is been nurtured and equally love. If i have my hand and attention to Iya, my husband would do the job for Gabriel. Sometimes if one seek and lacking attention from parents, it's a reason to start on something that is not good towards a sibling relationship.There are times in early years of Iya that i felt Gabriel did'nt catch up yet, how time lacking on him but i do make it a point to explain to him every single details why his younger sister needed more attention in her early years. I think every child needs an explanation so taht they will know the situation and adapt it. Having a date once in a while for me and my son strengthen the bond and setting aside seeking of attention. I think through that it makes the relationship for his younger sister more acceptable.

Through time and experienced i've learned that having a balance of time and love to be shown for each of my children is the key so that they will have a good relationship. As we live in one roof, i know it's one of the foundation that i can build for them being their mom. A foundation that will keep them stronger and together eventhough they will go on and live with their own life and have a family of their own in the future. I want them to stick together in good times and in bad, if one might fall, one will lift them from that. A sibling bond that will test through times with so much LOVE and SUPPORT for each other. A legacy that will be imparted to them and to our next generation.

52 13/14

"The portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, for 2014."

Jenille : have a great time going to gourmet shops on one of our stop over.
Adrian : have fun using binoculars and seeing great views with his dad.
Gabriel : ride all you can is his happiness.
Iya : love opening the window and calling my name whenever i get out of the car.


It's been kind of busy since kids are all in vacation from school and we take all the chances to bond and explore this summer. I have pending drafts to post and hopefully i can do more posting next month.

Last month my heart is full, Gabriel my son graduated from his primary stage and taking another step on his secondary education this coming school opening. As he walks for his graduation march i have mixed emotions and got teary eyed as well, almost the same feeling i felt when i was walking down the aisle on my wedding day. Witnessing a milestone in your child's life is such a tremendous experienced and happiness. An achievement as a mother and as a parent as well. For all the love and hardwork of each morning you took care of them, wow he's grown up and it feels like yesterday. How life make a fast move sometimes that you want to slow down the time a bit just to enjoy a moment with your children.

I know there will be a new endeavors that comes his way as he open new chapter of his life. As a mother i am ready to witness God's grace to his path. To be on his side who always willing to listen if he needed guidance and comfort most especially now that he begins to embrace adolescent years.

Round Up : March

March is the beginning for us exploring places and going outdoors. Even near our home or experimenting new places. A day with a good friend with lots of laughters and stories that every mom will need to breath. Another reason to be memorable is the bonus surprise date with the husband dear that makes March a sweet one. My biggest happiness is that my son Gabriel graduated from the primary level. A heartwarming and mix emotions feelings i have felt. As an addition to that my eldest daughter Jenille just finished another school year and on vacation now, another achievement and a good way to celebrate.

I know April month is much busier outdoors since summer is still here. I can't wait to make more adventures and memories. Hope you all enjoying your summer vacation and a lot of happiness and moments with the one you love most. Happy Summer guys!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


" A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Iya : Admires what ever pretty things that she saw.
Gabriel : Good to see him taking good care of his younger sister. A learning process for him after being the youngest for seven years.
Adrian : Would only allow me to capture a photo ofim with her sister. So i took time to snap while they are having moments together.
Jenille : Relieved that the school examination days are over as well as the school events. She told me that she will try to gain weight this summer after being fully covered for months.

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