Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello Everyone!Finally I have the time now to update my blog. I feel a little bit bad that it took me three months to write again but life is so busy these days and I felt lucky that I got the chance to write now with all the schedules that I have lately. 

First and foremost we already moved!  yes, at last! I may not be the organize mom that mostly I know but thank goodness that all in our house now is settled. There's still some minor fixing to do but everything is in moderation. It took me time to set all things, you know as mom of four and with all this and that on the side. I can breath now actually and I want to take the opportunity to thank my elder kids on helping me so with hubby whenever he's around. 

We moved on the same subdivision that we used to lived by. We don't transfer from other city as I love the community we have here, where almost everything is easily reach. I used to look for other apartment units on other locations but holy moly I can't even think of affording the price! So hubby and I decided to stay within our previous vicinity and just wait for the right time where we can decide to move on our own home. However with two current college students, I know it will not be anytime soon.:)


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  1. glad the move went well! moving can be so stressful, and it's such hard work. hope you guys had some time to relax before school starts up again!


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