Monday, August 5, 2013

Motherhood: On Health Issue

It is August now and love to look forward what this month would bring. Last month had been a test of courage as a mom for me and for the rest of the family as well. It's very hard to see your child suffer, a lot. I'm talking about Iya's health here. After the last attack four months ago, the pediatrician told me that it still can't be categorize that Iya is asthmatic and only gave her a home medication after a sessions of nebo. I was also given a prescribe medication letter to be given to the ER in case there's a future attack. So everything is said and done until nearly last week of July...

I fear Iya's breathing for she almost can't breath. The passage of air might be too small that she hold her breath like it will gonna be her last. i cried. a lot. Wishing and praying that if only i will be the one to suffer and not her. ( i know mostly moms wish and feel the same way ). After a week of full home medication, an extreme cough even on a wee hours of the morning, a six hour interval nebo sessions, a lookout on everything she eats so that the severe cough won't trigger. She is now categorized as asthmatic. Mostly her favorite food now is set aside on her diet. Chocolates, chicken, fish, nuts, mayonnaise egg, hotdog.

Aside from the asthma her food allergy intake makes her skin allergy worsen that makes her eyes to swell. Glad to know more facts on the do's and don'ts so both won't trigger. for now Iya is still on the recovery stage. she lost weight but hopefully it will bring back easily soon. For everything what's going, i like to think that I'm blessed that i'm the one who took care of her in the times she needed me most. For now the family makes it a point to look everything normal for her, and explain the situation so that she could easily understand.

Sorry to make it long and thank you if you still with me. As a mother i feel terrified and your notes and concerns will matter most. Have a great week ahead.

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