Monday, April 22, 2013

What I Wore : Style Journal

How fast is the days goes by, right friends? Now we're celebrating the spring/ summer season that most of us enjoy and waiting for. Aside from activities like swimming, malling and going to different places where the weather is always nice and sizzling hot, this is also the chance to dress up with all the sleeve less, dresses, shorts, even striking color hues that represent the summer feeling. White and Stripes, which I called my summer favorite outfit that I mostly enjoy wearing during this season.

Aside from my normal Weekend Style Inspiration post, I will now replace it once a week with my outfit segment that will enhance my styling ability which I called My Style Journal, how is that? I know this is away too late for an two years old blog but I think of enhancing my style and my love in fashion so that I could learn more and be inspired. This is also the chance for me to go out of the shelf and share my style to all most especially to domesticated moms like me. In this journey you could also share with me your passion in fashion and I'm also open to opinion and suggestions that you could share on how you become stylish! Thanks so much for reading and have a great week to all!

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