Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello lovelies! As the heat of summer tends me to be always present from our local coffee shop to downtime from the heat, while Iya and son2 fond of being at the water most of the time. Still thankful that we can do the things we love most doing. Then just as that, April will come to an end, right? So hows your April month so far? Happy here that I managed to comeback on regular posting nowadays, Yey! It's fun thing also that my life permits me to bring back my regular reading habit too. Though I am not yet finish visiting all sites that I follow. However, It may take a while but know that this busy mom will takes it's way to bring back the old routine. On side notes, spare me that I live now in the cave but I just found out that blogger will no longer post blog feeds. I just hope that we will continue to keep in touch through BLOGLOVIN. It's my way to keep in touch from the blogs I follow from the very start. For those first timer, you just need an email address and password to sign in, that easy! We can keep in touch there more often. You can search me through my blog name; WINDOW OF HAPPINESS. See you there!

Anyway I have some domestic news for you all. Remember my post early this year about my house move, house hunting? Hold on guys! I still don't find any home for keeps but unfortunately our current home contract expires and no chance for renewal. So now we are looking for a temporary shelter that my family and I can live in until we found a nest of our own. I just wish we can move from our existing place to our own found home but situation seems to differ, so be it. So a week or two from now will be having our new place again. Still excited on decorating a new house though. Will be posting updates. So ladies, what are you up to?


  1. Your kids are so cute. Good luck with all the house stuff!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. OH no! I hope you guys can find a nice temporary shelter soon! I'm sure the housing situation will work itself out, and it is really SO Much fun to have your own place and create your own interior design masterpiece. I'm excited to see what it'll look like! Make sure to post pictures and keep us updated :) Would love to see!



    PS your kids are adorable!!

  3. Cute photos, those cakes! Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime. www.madifonbyfashion.blogspot.com


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